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FİXKİM is the most favorite company of Balcı Group of Companies and one of the leading companies in the industry since 2004. It has been strengthened its success with the ISO 9001, TSE, CE, GOST-R quality management certificates.

FİXKİM A.Ş. has been organized in construction chemicals and it has put into service the EPS/Styrofoam factory at the end of the year 2007.

It offers powder and

liquid chemical products which can be defined as “special” except the known products in construction chemicals. It has been reinforced its quality with its wide range of product options offered to the industry and the certificates of ISO 9001, TSE, CE, GOST-R received for its nearly 200 product range and its membership of associations of IZODER, PUD and IMSAT.

Our factory in Tuzla which has started production at full capacity at the beginning of 2008 has working with the capacity of daily 1500 m3 EPS and 600 tons of Construction Mortars, Construction Chemicals and Waterproofing Systems. Our factory is established in the open area of 10.000 m2 and closed area of 16.000 m2, and equipped with the latest machinery technology. It has made its place in the EPS industry in a short time with its experienced staff.

Our EPS blocks with the brand name of FİXKİMPOR are manufactured between the densities of 10 to 32. Although the vast majority of the production is for exterior sheathing it has also resources of human and machinery that can meet different needs.

For the residential buildings, it is true that to prevent energy loss is one of the most important investments would be taken against the energy needs growing every year in the country. While applying the internal and external insulation in the buildings it is a fact that sheathing is the best insolation method. By means of sheathing it is possible to achieve the saving between 50% - 60% in temperature.

Based on this fact we have developed totally new system on exterior sheathing.

"BALKÖPÜĞÜ Exterior Sheathing System"

The known exterior sheathing systems obtains the main materials to be used in practice from the contract manufacturers. This situation reduces the efficiency and lead to problems during the implementation phase.

The main products within the Balköpüğü Exterior Sheathing System, particularly FİXKİMPOR, are produced with the quality assurance of FİXKİM A.Ş. and by virtue of the compliance of each product with each other a complete efficiency is achieved in the coating application.

We have strengthened our waterproofing systems with the production of FİXKİM and POWERMIX Membrane.

In order to look at the future confidently, in order to strengthen our ties with our business partners and to achieve new successes together, FİXKİM A.Ş. will in an effort to add one more to the right jobs and applications in each new day.

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Tuzla / 3870532100

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TS 7847, TS EN 998-2, TS EN 13163, TSE K 112, TS EN 998-1, TS EN 12004, TS EN 13888, ISO 9001:2008, CE, GOST-R

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