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Our company was founded in the year 1980 as having its head office in Ankara and entered into the life of production so as to perform the manufacturing of air compressors.

In the first couple of years, it started to manufacture piston typr compressors and in the same years, universal (General-purpose) benches and the manufactured parts were replaced with (CNC) computer controlled fullautomatic

type bences due to the rapid development of technology.

As we closely followed the technogical developments and our understanding of quality developed in the same parallel lines, satisfaction of our customers have increased. Thanks to this innovation which minimizes the error probability, the costs have been let down increasing the number of production and such positive condition have been reflected for the utimate user.

Parallel to the developments in the Compressed Air Sector, our company has started the manufacturing of screw-type compressors within the latter years. And at the moment; by doubling the product-range with the screw-type compresors which are used and well-know in the whole world,the user given the possibility to choose among totally 57 type variable alternatives.

In our production, at the moment, various types of models, from work-shop type on-tank compressors starting from 350 Lt/min. Up to 43700 Lt/min (43,7 m ³) to electric engined fixed models and diesel engined mobile models can be produced.

Thanks to broad service and post-sale service network spread within the whole country, the possiblity of accessing the user in very short time is ensured.
We have CE and ISO:9001 Certificates.

By participating in the various abroad fair organizations with our products, presenting quality, variety, quantities, prices and post - sale services, it has been evidenced that we exist as a brand within the international market and that we have the sufficent level of quality for com peting in every platform as a Türkiye brand.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of economical and therefore political power of our country which it needs, beginning from now on more effective especially in the abroad markets.

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