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Aluminium Architectural System were more commonly used in European countries than Turkey back in 1980s. Cevdet ÖZDEMİR, the founder of our company who lived in Germany from 1972 to 1984, foresaw that the use of Aluminium Architectural Systems would soon increase in Turkey and made some research.The research revealed that the number of producer companies in the sector was not enough, so he decided

to make investment in Turkey. He made his final return from Germany in 1984 and settled in Istanbul.This is how the foundations were laid for ÖZMETSAN that exports products to more than 10 countries out contract works in the field of aluminium and structural steel construction systems.

ÖZMETSAN started operations in Eyüp, Istanbul in a 70 m2 workshop with limited number of machinery. In the beginnig, it started to receive orders for home type install and deliver them. Later on,Aluminium Systems experienced serious market shrinkage when PVC window systems made a fast entry to the sector. Although many aluminium companies started to produce PVC windows at the time,ÖZMETSAN did not abandon Aluminium Systems that were its area of expertise; it enriched its vision and continued its operations by developing "architecture-oriented" Aluminium Systems.

Thanks to that determined stance, we formed close relationships with the biggest contracting companies in Turkey and entered foreign markets for the first time by developing special products for aluminium door and banister systems of glass projects carried out in Iraq.Afterwards, important project realized in countries such as Libya and Russia contributed a lot to the expansion of the company vision and consolidation of its experience.

ÖZMETSAN, a family company, lots its founder Cevdet ÖZDEMİR in 1993. Agreements had been made for important projects in Russia at that time.Ali Rıza ÖZDEMİR took over the works at a young age and demonstrated that he would carry the legacy to the future by fulfiling the contracts in Russia completely and in a timely fashion. Later on, other members of the family completed their undergraduate education and started tı orıvşde active support for the company. ÖZMETSAN increased its power and started to increase its influence in the field of Aluminium Systems after Yıldıray ÖZDEMİR and Fatih ÖZDEMİR joined the company in 1999 and 2007 resoectively. The projects successfully completed in 12 countries outside Turkey and many reference projects succuessfuly completed in Turkey by 2011 are the most important indications showing that the company is taking determined and firm steps towards its strategic goals. Starting in a modest location with a limited number of machinery, ÖZMETSAN today continues its operations with its central office situated in Eyüp, Istanbul and the factory in Çatalca, Istanbul emcompassing a space of 2500 m2. ÖZMETSAN has made all its production machinery compatible with CNC sytems and obtained a complicated project desing and production machinery compatible with CNC machined necessary for structural steel construction production.

As a dealer of German SCHÜCO Aluminium Systems that is the best brand in the world in the field of architectural Aluminium Systems, ÖZMETSAN today offers services to its customers increasing its product diversity and quality.

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