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ANTCAM Inc. was founded in 1990 in Antalya with the purpose of whole selling glass and mirror. The company was transformed into a leading organization not only in Mediterranean Region but also throughout the industry as the authorized dealer of Şişecam in 1991 by following the state of the art technology closely and improving itself continuously in the glass sector.
Since 1991, Antcam continues

working life with Trakya Glass Factory Inc.’s product, glass, mirror, insulating glass, laminated glass, qualified glass (reflective and coated glass), colored glass products, as authorized dealer.
In 1992, the company started to build glass processing plant. The company has Beveled, Grinding, Flat Grinding, Sanding, Canal, Format machines today. Completely Italian technology, these machines serve to glass companies in the Mediterranean region, the furniture industry, hotels and holiday villages.
In 1997, the firm established 5.000m2 modern closed warehouse, where the computerized full automatic glass cutting line, and full-automatic double glazing production line was commissioned.
In 2006 by increasing its indoor area to 10.000 m2 and with new machinery, full automatic cutting line, jumbo glass cutting line, 2nd double glazing cutting line to provide the best service to its customers increased the annual production capacity to 192.000 m2.
Since 2012, we have started our production activities in our new production plant which encloses 30.000 m2 outdoor and 12.000 m2 indoor areas. We have been offering services with high quality product and service concept with a wide range of products and machinery park covering the advanced cutting, lamination, tempering, convex lamination, CNC, Isıcam (double glazing) and glass processing machinery.

The company out of Trakya Glass Inc. warranty, is also granted with TSE, GOST-R certificates and
ISO 9001-2000 and CE certification.

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