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Mochaland Import & Export PLC
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1.0 Introduction:-
Mochaland Import & Export PLC was founded in November 2009 to engage in export and import activities.

2.0 Objective :-
Mochaland’s objective is to:-
2.1 Export Ethiopia ’s high quality washed premium coffee brands including superior naturals to markets in Japan , Europe, Middle East and the

2.2 Export oilseeds, pulses and spices to markets in the Middle East, Europe, Japan and China .
2.3 Import fast moving items like ferrous metals, steel bars, industrial wood, coffee bags, vegetable oil, etc.

3.0 Short Term Annual Export Target
3.1 Coffee Export
a. After thoroughly examining the local competition and opportunities we have decided to enter the international coffee market by offering high quality Ethiopian washed brands such as Yirgacheffe and Sidamo coffees including superior naturals like Harar, Ghimbi and Sidamo to our customers in Japan, Europe and the Middle East. This does not, however, exclude the trading of mainstream qualities like Djimmah, Lekempti grade 5 coffees.

b. Company Traits
It should be strongly emphasized that Mochaland possesses.
i. Qualified and experienced manpower.
ii. Strong customer base in Japan , Europe, the Middle East and U.S.A.
iii. Excellent product knowledge.
iv. Necessary license from the international exporting association
c. Business Approach:
i. Mochaland will strengthen its participation in the ECX
ii. Buy premium quality coffees from ECX
iii. Introduce specialty coffee to niche and specialty gourmet markets.
d. Annual Target.
Mochaland envisages an initial export target of 1800 metric tons for the first year. Gradual export volume growth is planned to achieve an annual export target of 5000 metric tons at the end of third year and an annual export target of 10,000 metric tons at the end of seventh year.
3.2 Oilseeds, Pulses and Spices
Even though we have more experience in exporting coffee we have the necessary product knowledge, service and have exported good quality oilseeds and pulses since December 2009.
4.0 Import
Though product identification has been made Mochaland has not yet made detail import plan as to when, how and from where these products are to be imported. International supplier sources and local customer base will be built in the year 2012.
Our current and immediate priority is to enter the export market to generate sufficient FOREX which will eventually enhance our import activity.
5.0 Financial Requirement
Our long term strategic objective is to trade coffee, oilseeds, pulses and spices steadily, profitably and to achieve regularity of business. This requires regular purchase and regular offers to establish strong seller – client relationship.
The above mentioned export commodities, however, are capital intensive and require a huge cash outlay. It is, therefore, envisaged that additional financial needs of the company shall be negotiated with commercial banks.

6.0 Staff
6.1 Key management staff:
Key management staff is composed of people with experience of more than 35 years in coffee procurement, export and import business. They possess the insight, ability and experience to understand and undertake the fundamental principles of coffee business, i.e., dependability, trust and performance.
6.2 Office staff
Mochaland now employs 10 permanent staff who are involved in procurement, sales and finance activities.

6.3 Casual Laborers
During peak coffee

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2002 / 11-25

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Ethiopian Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.AWASH Bank Private Company.


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Turkish, Newyork, Japan, China

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