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GÇS Metal A.Ş was founded in 2001 in Kahramanmaraş;It started to provide service with wall and roof practices of the buildings like K.Maraş and like Ş.Urfa, Malatya that are the industrial cities surroundings of K.Maraş.

GÇS METAL showed rapid increase acceleration between 2001 -2004; it was no longer a local roof and wall company; it has become a great company that works in each region of the

Turkey from Hakkari to Çorluya, from Denizli to Samsun. Showing a rapid increase of GÇS Metal, servicing in this sector of our Company Board of Management for long times, GÇS has risen and been continuing to rise by a rapid acceleration with their experiences and knowledge skills.

While GÇS was servicing to Turkish Industrials by selling the Roof, Wall Cladding Between 2001-2004; as a result of selling an important share of the yearly productions of the firms that it does dealership, GÇSMetal A.Ş gave a decision of production and started production process with EPS filled sandwich panel and 2 pieces Trapeze plate machines on 6.000 m2 open area 2.000 m2 closed area in the MERSİN-TARSUS Organized Industrial region. The founders of GÇSMETAL A.Ş, together with starting to production of EPS filled sandwich panel by regarding the experiences into the sector and accumulation of knowledge in sector, set goal to them the productions of GLASS wool, ROCK wool and Polyurethane filled sandwich panel in a planned way.

GÇS METAL A.Ş started to the production of EPS filled sandwich panel in 2004 and had got the % 50 of EPS filled sandwich panel market in Turkey. The main reason of taking a high Share as soon as it starts to product, being 95 widths 5 ribs sandwich panel of the profile that it selected, resulted from having received a great appreciation from Turkish industrialists.

GÇS METAL A.Ş gave the decision of production of Glass wool and Rock wool filled panel in 2007, it initiated the glass and rock wool filled sandwich panel production in 2008.it raised the target lath by initiating the production of Polyurethane filled sandwich panel since early 2009.The firm that caught daily 25.000 M2 Sandwich Panel Production capacity with three pieces Sandwich panel production line is also one of the leader firms that produce GLASS WOOL, EPS, ROCKWOOL, POLYURETHANE FILLED Sandwich Panel and that export the most to almost all of the neighbor countries on export. İZOTÜRK and GÇS MEGAPANEL has become the greatest Sandwich panel production facility in the Middle East of our country in with their registered marks.

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2001 / 0-5

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