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As Alptekin we manufacture and supply bread , dough , oven, confectionery, bakery equipments , bakery production, dough preparing equipments, rotary ovens  , multideck ovens, steam pipe deck ovens, electric deck ovens, convection ovens , pizza ovens , mobile mixer, spiral mixers , dough kneading machines , planetary mixers , bowl lifting machines , volumetric dough divider machines , dough

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In the early 1980s. most of the machinery and equipments used in the food industry were imported to Turkey. As a result, the first
Alptekin generation took a decision to be the first to produce these machines and equipments in-house for their use and the local
area, in around Malatya. Turkey. Since its first entrepreneurial step, our company has been constantly manufacturing and trading
for over 30 years.
In the 1990s. the importance of service sector over industrialization became apparent. For a better service, we expanded our
manufacturing line and strengthened our R&D and service network. Considering the increasing customer demand and strategic
trade, in the 2000s a new factory became operational in Istanbul and two new offices are opened in Romania and Moldova. With
developments, our company has been able to provide a better and faster service not only in Turkey but also to the customers
outside Turkey.
Alptekin Group produces a wide range of products. Our manufacturing line is equipped with the CNC technology to produce in
high volumes while ensuring high quality products. Together with our highly experienced technical staff, our goal is to continue
working to provide next-generation technologies and serve future generations.
The second Alptekin generation is committed to follow the trade strategies of the first generations: expanding the operations
slowly but confidently in a number of geographic locations, apply the latest technologies in the market of food processing
machines and continue in forming a modern corporate structure and innovative emphasis on trade.
Our Mision:
Alptekin Group has a strong corporate structure that ensures a high level-efficiency and employs only latest advanced
technology. Since its establishment. R&D oriented activities have been indispensable part of our day-to-day work, hence our food
processing machines are of a very high quality, purpose-designed and provide one hundred percent efficiency. We offer 24-hour
after sales technical service and training with five companies to five continents.
Our Vision:
Our vision is customer satisfaction oriented production and marketing. We aim to maintain the successful after sales service
programme while continuing to produce innovative solutions for our customers. Alptekin Group, with its R&D activities, aims to
become a leading international corporation is this field.

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1979 / 51-100

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Beydağı / 0580015738

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TSE, ISO 9000, CE, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001



Address2. Org. San. Böl., 5. Cad. No: 14, Malatya, TurkeyCountryTurkeyCityİstanbulPostal Code44110