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Giza Hali Started to produce carpets in 1978 and continues to produce machine made carpets today. Our company has various quality and size carpet manufacturing capacity about yearly 4.000.000 square meters. 60% of our products are exported to international markets.
We have fast entry as many manufacturers in 2012. New products, new colors, different model prepare works continues. The changing

demands of our customers on time, taking into account the expectations of the show are committed to creating new collections in this direction. Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations, to produce products of the highest quality. We offer to our customers our collections which we created for them in our showroom.
'Giza Carpet', as a general policy, without compromising on quality at the same time appealing to the eye to produce products suitable for use in many years. This serves as the basis of our understanding of customer satisfaction. When we create a new product, new design, we create the first work done on the samples. Be made in this direction is that the raw material and color choices. Flame retardant added to our products, soft touch, new features such as brightness, still working on product development parameters. We will continue to work until you reach the best of the sample, so the quality is guaranteed values.
In daily life, the carpet is in the houses no longer a product ceases to be disposable. On the contrary carpets have become preferable to have colors and patterns to match furniture and other home decoration units. Manufacturer to take note of this case: carpets purpose and place of use. We take great care of our customer’s differences between Europe and the Middle East, colors and patterns. For example, pastel colors and modern lines of gravity when Europe wants products that we send to Arab countries prefer traditional patterns and bright colors.
This year, for the first time in June, as the Libya-Tripoli Fair Exhibitors represent our company in the best way. This participation for us to reach new markets and new customer has provided a major contribution to creating a portfolio. Later in September, held in Gaziantep Carpet Exhibition in the Middle East this year, as every year, we have also included as a participant. In addition, We do not neglect to attend (a manufacturer and exporter for companies like ours, which is a great advantage rather exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, hosted each year in Germany, organized by DOMOTEX) HANNOVER FAIR in January. For this reason, many months before the trade fair begins preparations for the new products, new colors and new patterns in order to provide better service to our customers and offer active and capable of undertaking this task that party that a good work of colleagues are continuing. This year, represent the best of ourselves to our guests from abroad to meet with a presentation of the plan.
We are continuing our investments in 2013 and beyond. We have completed the construction of our new manufacturing facility and expand production and employment will be given to respond more quickly to demands by increasing sales. Our goals are to have personnel working in a more coordinated, and most importantly, to raise the quality of work. Our sales figures increased compared to last year of each as they grow to become a company that constitutes more confidence in the market.
We as Giza Carpet, running at our house with our understanding of contemporary and innovative staff, our vision is a priority for us to maintain the quality of service for many years. We hope to continue with this line, with your support.

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1960 / 1-5

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Gazikent / 1920004786

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