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As Damla Plast Sulama Sistemleri San. Tic. A.S. (Damla Plast Irrigation Systems Ind.Tra.Inc.), it started to produce the drip irrigation pipes in Konya in the year of 2002. Our firm which started its production by establishing its facility over an area of 9000 m2, 3000 m2 of which is covered and 6000 m2 of which is open became specialized especially in the production of round diameter drip

irrigation pipe and reached to an assertive position in the production and have undertaken important commercial liabilities to itself in the international arena with its characteristic of being unique in its region.

Damla Plast has produced drip irrigation pipes which are compliant with the world standards, qualified, economic, superior and has presented these products to the service of our farmers with the aim of contributing to both productive utilization of our national sources and increasing the income obtained from the agriculture.

The "Eko Damla" and "Damla Plast Union" branded drip irrigation pipes which you can use for many years in all kinds of plant, fruit and vegetable cultivation are produced in 2 different qualities and diameters. Our Union branded pipes have TSE and TSE-ISO-En 9001-2008 certificates.

These pipes which are produced in the diameters of 16 mm and 20 mm;
Have wall thicknesses of 0,9 mm -1,0 mm and 1,2 mm, and are produced by using labyrinths having the dual water entrance that minimizes the blockage possibility in the most appropriate length and depths at the dripper amounts of 2 lt/h, 4 lt/h, 8 lt/h.

In both its economic pipes and in the Damla Plast Union branded pipes, the drips which are its own production from totally original raw material are used.

The straight drip irrigation pipes which are produced for general usage purposes provide various flow rates and design flexibility. They can be designed by placing drippers at the certain intervals according to the need.

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TSE, TSE ISO EN 9001:2008


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