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     Since 1967, UPS Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. was the first medical disposable manufacturer in Turkey for more than sixty years of experience as manufacturer. Our company is widened its product scale everyday that our company currently has more than five hundred products in its product scale.

      UPS Pharma, sister company of UPS

Medical, established in 2008, manufactures IV. Solutions in pharmaceutical field. UPS Pharma currently manufactures around fifty products in its entire product scale as manufacturer. 
Medical Disposables, Infusion products, Extension Line 250 PSI, I.V. Infusion Set Medium Drip Chamber With Air Vented, I.V. Infusion Set Medium Drip Chamber Without Air Vented, I.V. Infusion Set Big Drip Chamber With Air Vented, Infusion Pump Set Big Drip Chamber, Infusion Pump Set Small Drip Chamber, Precision Flow Regulator, Precision Flow Regulator With Infusion Set, I.V. Infusion Set Burette , Three Way Stopcock, I.V. Infusion Set Small Drip Chamber With Air Vented, Heparin Cap Instopper, Pressure Line 800 PSI, Pressure Line 800 PSI Rotatable Male Connector, Pressure Extension Line 1200 PSI, Extension Line With Three Way Stopcock, Extension Line With T-Connector, Manifold, High Pressure Manifold Red, High Pressure Manifold Blue, Scalp Vein Set, I.V. Cannula, Three Way Stopcock 1200 PSI, Transfusion products,, Quadrable Blood Bag, Triple Blood Bag, Double Blood Bag, Single Blood Bag, Blood Transfusion Set, Anesthesia products,, Tracheal Tube Holder, Reinforced Tracheal Tube Cuffed, Tracheal Tube Cuffed, Tracheal Tube Uncuffed, Catheter produts,, Feeding Tube, Suction Catheter, Thoracic Catheter With Trocar, Thoracic Catheter, Surgery Aspiration, PVC Tube, Suction Connecting Tube With Cut to Place Connector, Suction Connecting Tube, Yankauer Suction Handle Set Bulb Type, Yankauer Suction Handle Set Standart Type, Drainage products,, Hemovac Wound Drainage System, Y T.U.R. Arthroscopy Set With Manual Pressure Pump, Y T.U.R. Arthroscopy Set, Redon Drain, Hemovac Small Wound Drainage System, Hemovac Wound Drainage System, Thoracic Drainage System, Plueral Drainage System, Urinemeter, Dialysis products,, Dialysis Powder for Disinfectant Sodium Carbonate, Dialysis Powder for Disinfectant Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate Powder Cartridge, Sodium Bicarbonate Powder Bag, Drainage Bag for Dialysis, Bloodline Set Gambro, Bloodline Set Universal, Fistula Needle Set Without Rotating, Fistula Needle Set With Rotating, Cardiology products,, Radyal Anjio Pedi, Close Pad, Angio Pressure Set Triple, Fivefold, Coronary Control Syringe 12cc, High Pressure Manifold Blue, High Pressure Manifold Red, I.V. Infusion Bag, Non-PVC Tube Mono Layer, PVC Tube, Non-PVC Lay Flat Tubular Film, PVC Lay Flat Tubular Film, Injection Port Membrane, Injection Port Blue Cap, Injection Port Red Cap, Infusion Automatic Non-PVC Twist off, Infusion PVC Twist off, Infusion Automatic PVC Twist ff, Infusion Non PVC Bag, Infusion PVC Bag, Teflon Strip, Teflon Pledgets, Teflon Felt 10x10cm, Teflon Felt 15x15cm, Vessel Cannula Valve, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Vaginal Speculum, Vessel Cannula Valve,

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1967 / 51-100

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UPS Pharma

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ISO9001, ISO13485, CE etc.

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Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, Belgium, Italy, North Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Jordan, UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Syria, Turkmenistan, Ozbekistan etc.

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