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PCK Electronics Industry and Trade Limited Company, established in 1993 in the ASO organized industrial Area, is located on a closed area of 1600 m². PCK employs more than 40 staff in total, including sales representatives, Engineers and technical staff. Over the last four years, PCK has had the distinction of being the fastest growing major lithotripsy manufacturer.

Although our popularity has been primarily due to our extracorporeal and intracorporeal lithotripters with different versions and technologies, PCK also manufactures C-arm mobile X-ray units, extracorporeal Incontinence Therapy systems, Uroflowmeters and multi-functional urological tables.

Overall, our ability to offer high-tech, high quality products at affordable prices has proven to be the key to our tremendous growth in both the number of PCK international representatives and in subsequent sales of our products. Our lithotripters can be found in various countries in Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and The Far East. PCK has sold the greatest number of lithotripsy systems and has over 540 active systems all over the world.

It is not hard to figure out why hospitals and clinics around the world are fast learning the unique advantages of possessing a PCK lithotripsy system. The explanation for the PCK products′ tremendous popularity is found in them uniquely being high-tech, high quality products which are sold at reasonable prices. All PCK products are patient friendly, user friendly, service friendly and budget friendly.

ESWL, Stonelith V5, Stonelith Lithoarc, Stonelith Smart, Calculith, EIMT, Newflow, Operating Chair,  C-Arm X-ray, Imaging System, Urological Table, Uro flow meters, multi-functional urological tables, extracorporeal Incontinence Therapy systems, X-ray units, C-arm mobile X-ray units,

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