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INTERPET, found in 1991, has been serving the Energy Industry for 18 years and leading the Equipment Sector in Turkey. It has 3 main operation areas. These are namely;

IMPORTS: INTERPET holds the greatest number of distributorships than any other company in its field in Turkey. It works exclusively with world-wide companies such as OPW, GOODYEAR, DURAPIPE, TUTHILL, BREVETTI NETTUNO, RAEL,

PMP, FIBRELITE, BESTOBELL, FLEX-ING, ALEMITE, GASSO and etc to bring out the best there is for the needs of the market. It also holds the largest volume of stocks of equipment to distribute the right equipment at the right time. INTERPET offers a full range of dispensing and underground piping equipment with the brands mentioned above.

MANUFACTURING: INTERPET, not only distributes petroleum equipment of foreign suppliers but also manufactures of its own and thereby creates value in the industry by improving the variety of goods offered. INTERPET’s products have been in use since its foundation and well appreciated by the end-users both in terms of quality and price. INTERPET is the only manufacturer of dispensing equipment in Turkey with ATEX approval. INTERPET hose end swivels, communication swivels and breakaways have received ATEX approval by March, 2007. Some of its most demanded products are hose end swivels, communication swivels for automation systems, breakaways, spouts, sight glasses, all types and sizes of re-usable and push-fit couplings, tank and dispenser sumps and etc.

EXPORTS: The high quality to price ratio and the international quality approvals have enabled INTERPET to distribute its own manufacturing to outside borders. Some of its most well-known customers are OPW and GOODYEAR. Therefore INTERPET does not only act as a distributor to these companies but also as a solution partner. INTERPET has also been distributing its manufacturing in Bulgaria, Syria, Greece, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Thailand, Israel, Russia and other Turkish states that have been separated from Russia.

With a total of almost 20 companies being exclusively represented via INTERPET, we undertake the following businesses:

Underground Piping and Installations: INTERPET, through its local distributors all over the country and its central team, delivers turn-key projects for underground piping installations for oil companies. Working closely with all oil companies, INTERPET has become the market leader with its variety of goods offered as well as its reporting processes. INTERPET has been making installations for OPET (half owned by KOC family) for the last two years and setting up the standards for underground piping in Turkey. INTERPET also provides assistance for oil companies helping them to write their own technical specifications and therefore plays an important role with its knowledge and experience in the industry.

Distribution of Dispensing and Tank Truck Equipment: INTERPET, through manufacturing and the companies it represents, offers a full range of dispensing equipment used on LPG and Petroleum dispensers including but not limited to nozzles, hoses, swivels, breakaways, sight glasses, couplings and all types of vapor recovery products. We also offer all the equipment that one would need to equip a tank truck once again including but not limited to loading arms for top and bottom loading, composite delivery hoses, delivery elbows, online tanker tracking systems, overfill and vapor recovery systems, caps and adaptors.

Cryogenic Applications: With the alternative sources of energy becoming more and more popular every day, the need for equipment for such applications also grows rapidly. INTERPET offers Bestobell cryogenic valves that are used on cryogenic static and trailer tanks to handle media such as LNG, CNG, Hydrogen, Oxygen and etc.

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1991 / -

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Boğaziçi / 4780070712

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ISO 9001:2008, PEI 2008

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Bulgaria, Syria, Greece, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Thailand, Israel, Russia, Turki Republics




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