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Devotrans is a company which produces electrical, electronical and mechanical test equipment since 1960. The name of our company, DEVOTRANS, is the abbreviation of Variable Voltage Transformers and we are the first company to produce variable voltage transformers in Turkey. DEVOTRANS has produced quality control test equipment over 300 to sectors over 50.We are proud to declare that we are

the FIRST and UNIQUE producer of many products in our country.

After the establishment of TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards), our firm began to produce quality control test equipment. We have been producing thousands of Tensile and Compression Testing Machines for over 50 years and also established laboratories.

DEVOTRANS, produces uniquely designed testing machines according to its customers requirements and according the nationally and universally accepted standards thus has a leadig role in the laboratories of the companies which are the leaders of their sectors. The quality control equipment we produce test the physical features of the samples. We produce test equipment for testing the resistance of samples against tearing,breaking,compressing,squeezing,flexing,bending,extending,freezing,cracking,bursting,peeling,abrasion, etc. We also produce testing machines and testers to measure the hardness ,thickness, humidity, the air and water permeability of samples as well. The companies which tests their samples before their production process begins, produce goods that meet the requirements of nationally and universally accepted standards, and their production will be high-qualified.

DEVOTRANS has the manufacturer identity since 1960 and besides that our company provides best after-service co-operating with the companies of whom we are the agencies and our distributors since 1951. DEVOTRANS also provides training service for quality control personnel of our clients if requested. We present a certificate to the personnel that takes the trainig programme at the end of the course.

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