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ST Logistics was established for purpose of serving to the logistic requirements of companies in the fast and most practical manner that make activities under intensive competition in the rapidly changing and globalizing world.

Today, hours even seconds substitute for the speed understanding. Under this intensity and competition, we as ST family, have the

principle to give boutique service to our clients in their sea, air, land, railway and combine transportations to enable their competition at least in their transportation and logistics activities and to bring solutions to their problems by acting as if we take place in their structure rather than behaving as a service provider.

With our agency network not only within the boundaries of Turkey but almost in every port of the world, our aim is to give service to you and your clients with the ST guaranty and quality.

Your dispatches and consignments from every part of the world are transported by means of our strong agency network in 4 continents always in the most confident, speedy and economical manner.

Our principle is to convert problems to solutions, to protect and observe the produced values and a professional service understanding that listen, think and understand. The ST family that represent dynamism with its youth and the trust with its experiences does not transport only the product but also it designs, manages, follows, protects and leads the product.

logistic, sea, freight, transportation, port, truck, container, shipment, road, rail, wagon, cis, railway, fcl, lcl, air, cargo, forwarding, warehouse, custom clearence, vessel, transit,

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2008 / 6-10

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Garanti Bank



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Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekhstan, Tadjikistan, Kyrgizhstan, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Georgia, Azerbaijan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, France, Portugal

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