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audio indicators, alerts, circuit breakers, electronic hardware, , accessories for racks, cabinets, automotive connector accessories, battery holders, snaps, contacts, circuit board hardware - pcb, fuseholders, clips,, hardware, heatsinks, led mounting hardware, mounting hardware, plastic hardware, sensor hardware, accessories, unspecified hardware, , encoders, industrial controls, , controllers,

industrial controls unspecified, input devices, , knobs, dials, microphones, motors, drives, , ac, dc, servo motors, stepper drives, stepper motors, vibration motors, , printers, relays, i/o modules, , coaxial switches, general purpose / industrial relays, i/o modules, low signal relays - pcb, radio frequency (rf) relays/high frequency (hf) relays, reed relay, relay sockets, hardware, safety relays, solid state relays, time delay, timing relays, , solenoids, speakers, transducers, switch development tools, switch ic development tools, switches, backlighting components, ccfl fluorescent lamps, el/ccfl inverters, accessories, led backlighting, ultraviolet lamps, displays, backlighting components, ccfl fluorescent lamps, el/ccfl inverters, accessories, led backlighting, ultraviolet lamps, capacitance touch sensors, display drivers, display modules, development tools, lcd displays, lcd character display modules, lcd graphic display modules, accessories, lcd numeric display modules, lcd touch panels, lcd drivers, led displays, accessories, led drivers, oled displays, plasma displays, tft displays, accessories, vacuum fluorescent displays (vfd), drivers, display drivers, controllers, laser driver, lcd drivers, led drivers, vfd drivers, fiber optic communications, fibre optic connectors, fibre optic transmitters, receivers, transceivers, fiber optic development tools, fiber optic lighting, infrared data communications, infrared emitters, infrared receivers, infrared transceivers, lamps, holders, lamp holders, accessories, lamps, led incandescent replacements, panel mount indicator lamps, lasers, industrial lasers, laser accessories, laser diodes, laser driver, led displays, led indication, led bars and arrays, led circuit board indicators, led drivers, led incandescent replacements, incandescent replacements, traffic, automotive, led lenses, led light pipes, led mounting hardware, led panel mount indicators, replacement optoelectronics, standard led - smd, standard led - through hole, led lighting, led drivers, led high power (> 0.5 watts), led lighting accessories, led light bulbs, led lighting kits, led lighting modules, linear arrays - flexible, led lighting development tools, led projectors, optical detectors and sensors, infrared detectors, optical sensors - board mount, optical sensors - industrial, photodetector transistors, photodiodes, photoelectric sensors - board mount, photoelectric sensors - industrial, optocouplers / photocouplers, high linearity optocouplers, high speed optocouplers, logic output opto-couplers, photodiode output optocouplers, solid state relays, transistor output optocouplers, triac, scr output optocouplers, photointerruptors, photomicrosensors, circuit protection, circuit breakers, esd suppressors, fuse holders, clips, fixings, fuses, gas discharge tubes (gdts) / gas plasma arrestors, led protection devices, ptc resettable fuses, surge suppressors, thermal cut-offs, thermistors - ntc, thermistors - ptc, thyristors, diacs, scr modules, scrs, sidacs, triacs, tvs diodes - transient voltage suppressors, varistors, test, measurement, attenuators, audio/video test equipment, battery test equipment, benchtop power supplies, calibration equipment, component testers, data logging, acquisition, decade boxes, electrical test equipment, accessories, fibre-optic testing, frequency counters, function generators, synthesisers, insulation testers / megohmmeters, lan/telecom/cable testing, multimeters, voltmeters, analogue multimeters, clamp multimeters, accessories, digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, benchtop oscilloscopes,

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2011 / 0-5

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