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Our establishment was started production of wool carpets that were woven with hand weaving looms in 1960 by M. Ali Tavus. The main reason for us commencing machine carpet production was incapability of hand weaving against developing technology and customer demands. We started the first machine carpet production by manufacturing acrylic home carpet in Gaziantep in 1986. Afterwards, in 1991 we

moved our manufacture to the production facility established in Manisa-Demirci, where is our hometown as well. We left acrylic home carpet manufacture and started manufacturing of 100% wool carpet due to increasing demand to the mosque carpets and customer requests at this direction. By proving its quality in a short time in this field as well, TAVUS YÜN HALI A.Ş has become one of the known companies that can export 30% of its production. Thanks to ISO 9001 quality management certificate that we have obtained recently, we are aiming at giving on time and high quality service to customer demands by creating a more professional management.

Our production facility, which is on 6500 m2 closed area, is an integrated one with its continuously renewed machine park following technological developments. We perform dyeing, spinning and weaving of the wool which is purchased as raw in our own facility. Our computerized carpet weaving looms and designators of our own make us one step forward compare to other companies. As a result of this, we can create the design requested by our customer and perform the weaving process in a very short time. Our carpets have been awarded with WOOLMARK certificate by International Wool Company. In compliance with one of the requirements of Woolmark, we start carpet production only after our threads are cleaned from grease and dirt occurring during production with special detergents. In this way, the felting risk is removed and the carpets produced get more bright and intense surface. Weaving density is 35 comber and 60 weft, namely m2 loom end number is 420 000. This reinforces the quality of our carpets.


By producing faster and healthier solutions for any demand from our customers, to keep their satisfaction at the peak without any concession from our quality and innovative thinking.


By increasing the employment with the quality and reliance that we created as a company, to make contribution to the economy of our homeland.

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AddressFabrika: Ahi Evran Sanayi Sitesi No: 20 Demirci / Manisa Merkez:İstiklal Mah. Dumlupınar Cad. No: 9 Ümraniye / İstanbul, TurkeyCountryTurkeyCityİstanbulPostal Code-