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FELLUCE ISI; Felluce Isı was builded in 2005.Since than Felluce Isı have been dealed out to many homes,sites,houses,corporations and installations with experience. The products that were first manufactured have been all over the world with the label of ‘FELLUCE ISI’. We are the Firm that want the best. Felluce Isı make producing,selling and marketing many of the products such

as Heatıng systems,Mobil system collectors,Boylers and Solar energy systems. The workings of Arge are continuing and expanding day by day about heating systems. (SOLID FUEL WITH MANUEL BOILER) (WASHY FIRE GRATE) It is very simple to fiil Fuel and burn thanks to its wide reservoir. After setting of radiator fan and adjustment of fever that everybody can use,the boiler will start running economically and efficiently. Thanks to moving and translatable washy grate, you can load out the the ash by only simple arm acting with tool equipments such as broach,tractor,oar ect. without tring. The boiler is varied three gas.It cast not the heat direct from chimney thanks to the slides that can broke the flue gas. After heat of fan and boiler are adjustment,air can spread in the boiler as hemogenia. Thanks to its special inner design,the boiler start regime much more little time rather than others. CAPACITY: KAPASİTE BOILER VOLUME OF WATER:KAZAN SU HACMİ MAX.RUNNING TEMPERATURE:MAK.ÇALIŞMA SICAKLIĞI TEMPERATURE SETTING:SICAKLIK AYARI RUNNING PRESSURE:ÇALIŞMA BASINCI TEST PRESSURE:TEST BASINCI ELECTRICAL ENERGY SUPPLY: ELEKTRİK BESLEME PACKING WEIGHT: AMBALAJ AĞIRLIĞI CAPACITY: HEIGHT: WIDTH: DEPTH: CHIMNEY DIAMETER: EXPANSION TANK (going/turning): INSTALLATION (going/turning): (SOLID FUEL WITH MANUEL AND STOCKER BOILER) Water temperature of boiler can controlled with on the command panel.If thermostat water temperature rices 90 C degree ,because of undesirable causes,fan and motor become out of service and circulation pump starts running.The starting heat of circulation pump can adjusted the degrees between 10C and 45C. If the heat of boiler water declines under the degree -4C,because of any causes,circulation pump starts running against the danger of frost.Control panel coherents with the boiler thanks to special design of it.The outer hull of boiler is painted with electra static colour.So it has aesthetic outlooks. With special inner design and control panel of boiler,the waste war chemicals are degreased to minimum.Our manufacturings are made according to standarts.Therefore our produts are long-lived machines.Every boilers which are exited from manufacturing are tested with 5 bar hydrostatic pressure according to 3 bar operating pressure. Full imperviousness is gained thanks to the gaskets that are used at the covers.When the fuel ends,all electrical parts are closed outomatically.Thus provides profit from electricity.Thanks to water circulation at crucible,spindle melting or any damage on the crucible is impossible.It can save the fuel average more %20 than the others thanks to water circulation on the crucible. (TECHNICAL DATAS OF SOLID FUEL BOILER) (GENERAL TECHNİC PARTICULARS) (BURNING CONTROL SYSTEM) Fan blower pressure is adjusted by the fan speed control dimmer for the quick blaze of fuel and probability of quick heating. SECURITY When the fuel ends in boiler,it shuts all electrical parts automatically.So it provides profit from electricity. IMPERVIOUSNESS The covers of boilers such as filling,loading,cleaning ect are made from fireproof amianthus.So imperviousness is supplied. ISOLATION Loss of heat is prevented by coverting between boiler external surface and inner surface. ÇEVRE DOSTU Loss of heat and carbonmonoxyde which casted out are minimized thanks to flue gas plate in the boiler.

solid fuel boiler, manuel solid fuel with stocker boiler, t

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2005 / 26-50

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