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Our company is established in Singapore since 8th March 2002. We are specialize. Tea Leaves and Tea dust: Chinese Tea Leaves Green Tea Leaves .Jasmine Tea Leaves. Oolong Tea Leaves. Pu Er Tea Leaves Dried Flower Padels Japanese Sen Cha Tea Leaves Japanese Oa Cha Tea Leaves Japanese Mat Cha Leaves Japanese Genmai Cha Tea Leaves Ceylon Tea Leaves and Tea dust Ceylon Black Tea Leaves Ceylon Black

Tea Dust Ceylon Jasmin Tea Leaves Ceylon Flavoured Tea Dust / Tea Bag Ceylon Herb Tea Leaves / Tea Bag Tea Powder for Iced blend(Fine ~ 200mesh): Chinese Tea Powder Green Tea Powder Jasmine Tea Powder Oolong Tea Powder Pu Er Tea Powder Dried Flower Powder Japanese Sen Cha Tea Powder Japanese Oa Cha Tea Powder Japanese Mat Cha Tea Powder Japanese Genmai Cha Tea Powder Ceylon Tea Powder Raw Material Supplies Grass Jelly - Dried Raw Material Grass Jelly Instant Powder Instant Lemon Powder Instant Pure Barley Powder Agar Agar Powder Agar Agar Strip Chendol Jelly Strip Gotu Kola (India Herbal Tea Instant Products Instant Chrysanthemum Powder Drink Instant Jasmin Green Tea Powder Drink Instant Rose Powder Drink Instant Barley Powder Drink Instant Yam Powder Drink Instant Honey Dews Powder Drink Instant Water Melon Powder Drink Instant Red Date Powder Drink Instant Ginger Powder Drink Instant Coffee Mix 3 in 1 Powder Drink Please contact us at: 9, Simon Road, Singapore 545895 Tel: 065-6487 7718, Fax: 065-6487 7537

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