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We would like to introduce ourselves as (DAR ALITTIZAN TRADING EAST )specialized in trading and marketing of Electrical products. We are representing some world-renowned companies as their local agents in Saudi Arabia. selling electrical accessories and components. We are specialized in supplying all electrical materials and components that are required in Electrical

Substations, major Electrical Projects and in Electrical Industries. Our supply range includes all Electrical equipment, accessories and components needed in Electrical Projects, ranging from small control transformers to large power transformers and Cable LV ,MV, HV and from small switches to high voltage switchgear, we also supply overhead line items and all required items which is used in Distribution, Transmission and Generation projects.
We also have very good relations with ARAMCO, SABIC and other oilfields and refineries.
We would like to bring your kind attention that, till 2020 the Saudi Arabian growth will be very high, please find below brief report of Saudi Arabia and gulf countries growth.

v Growth of Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries.
§ "In order to meet the huge demand for electricity, GCC countries will have to invest an average of US $8 billion every year, more than half of which, US $4.5bn, will have to be spent by Saudi Arabia alone.
§ “The World Energy Council says the GCC will require 100,000 MW of additional power over the next 10 years. The UAE alone will have to install an additional 8,000 MWs, while Saudi Arabia will have to add 2,000 MW every year to meet double digit growth in demand.”
Ø Saudi Arabia Project Investment
§ Saudi Arabia’s project investment over the next 20 years amount to US$ 600 billion in an effort to double the rate of economy growth.
§ Saudi Arabia needs to built 2.62 million housing units by 2020, Investment opportunities estimated at SR. 1.2 Trillion
Ø Saudi Arabia Power & Water Industry
§ $624 billion investment required over the next 15 years.
§ 45% population increase to 33 million predicted by 2020.
§ Water and power investment is a priority due to this booming population.
Ø Water Industries:
§ Total water supply is 52 million m3/day.
§ Municipal water supply is 6 million m3/day.
§ Water produced by desalination plants is 4 million m3/day.
§ The SWCC estimates $43 billion is needed for future desalination projects.
§ Investment of $100 billion is required in water and sanitation over the next 20 years.
§ 80% of water supply is met through ground water sources.
§ 37 % of water supply is collected as wastewater and only 16% is reused.
§ Power Industries:
§ Electricity generating capacity is 26.6 gig watts (all thermal).
§ Power demands grow by 5.5% each year.
§ $117 billion capital investment is required to increase the capacity to 67 MW per year by 2023.
§ $46.9 billion of investment is needed for power generation.
§ $8.5 billion of investment is needed for transmission.
§ Distribution projects require $18.9 billion of investment.
We are very much interested to have business relation with you, we would like to market your products in Saudi Arabia as well as GCC market.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to give us your reply / feedback about your interest to have future business relation with us to market your products in Saudi Arabian market.
Your earliest reply in this regards will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & best regards.

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