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Over 10 years Tabo Otomotiv has developped new company strategies completing its production range with its ORTEL mark . Nowadays, ORTEL produces 3.000.000 command cables per year , the range is composed of 9000 different cables and all of them are produced inside Ortel. Our production starts with the covering of inner cables, extrusion of inner tube and the production of metallic shealt, it

finishes with the assembly of the cable and final test, besides every production cycle is strictly controlled.

Our main policy is to offer to our customers the best solution for every spesific application. Our engineering department which coorporates with our main engineering departments in Cofle S.R.L. Italy, Works together in coorperation with our main engineering departments in Cofle S.R.L. Italy, works together in cooperation with our clients, in order to develop their products. This kind of cooperation starts with the development of the technical drawing and it ends with the working simulation of the cable. ORTEL′s industry division with the new product of Control System, has the purpose to reach the best quality at competitive prices in order to serve our customers. This allows us to meet promptly the customer′s requirements according to the Standard. Our company is specialized in the production of the cables for the following applications.

Accelerator systems

Clutch Cables

Auto adjust clutch cables

Control speed PTO


Stop Motor

Brake cables

Speedometer cables

Cable remote valve flow control

Accelerator pedals

Hand accelerator levers

Accelerator cables

Levers for hydraulic distributors

Joystick with cables

Push pull cables

Gear box with cables

Hand brake levers

Outer casing

Covered ropes

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