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Olimpia is one of the oldest ,basic and leader company which produce spare parts(similar products)for renewal market and produce original parts to basic automobile Industrial in it’s sector. During the production process with it’s over 40 years experience; Olimpia has been using the most advanced technological equipments by it’s specialized employees.Olimpia has got the

following certificates and standarts; ISO-9000/2000 (quality management), ISO/TS-16949/2002 (Automobile Industriy Quality Management), ECE-R43 of United Nations, and 9/22/EEC motorized vehicles safety glass security Homologasyons of European Union and DOT standarts for America..Moreover company has the ability to adjust necessary tests and experiments in the most advanced labs of Turkey. Company is running away with 2 factories. The related firms by it’s young and dynamic employes reached the competitive knowledge and technology which enables her to compete with the world’s utmost brands .In order to continuity this statement, Olimpia structured her body developed and renewed continuous.It’s mission is to produce the goods in respect of quality,confidential,efficient,and respect to environment as well. Olimpia produce mostly for Europe. The company is exporting approximately %50 capacity of the production to 5 continents through over 30 countries .In addition it was accepted by the main automobile manufacturters in Europe and it became the supplier of those companies as well. The Firm which is mostly connected to the directorates of region is marketing to all over the Turkey. With the expansive assembling service stations it serves 365 day/24 Hour.If necessary it gives mobile service as well. Except it’s own products she also has business contacts for the following statements: The company is authorized dealer of Şişecam-Trakya Oto Cam company which produces Latex , The other domestic automobile glasses trademarked as Duracam ,imported automobile glasses and also distributor of LJF-Bostik which manufactures stick for automobile glasses is the utmost manufacturer. For the above products the company reaches the consumers and not only she gives concession from the quality in production, but also in the service point. As conclude The Olimpia serves all over Turkey with its 40 years experience ,giving importance to customers, clean and trustable assembling service where appropriate and fixed prices available ,quality products , and non stop service.

safety glasses for road vehicle, architectural glasses, industrial glasses

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