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The first step in carpet making is to have a pattern or a design. Master weavers do not need a pattern outline, but retain it in their memories. The second step involves the choice of material which differs according to the type and region. The material of a carpet may be wool, pure silk or cotton. The colors also are characteristic of the region where the carpet is made. The threads used in

the weaving of antique carpets used to be dyed with natural dyes known only by the family that manufactured them. In a reflection of the weaver’s skill, carpets form one of the most important items in the dowry of the young Anatolian girl preparing for marriage.

Dowry carpets are usually kept for life and laid only to honor important guests. At present carpet looms at villages have stubbornly resisted modern developments and resolutely carried on this traditional craft and historical custom. These carpets which once decorated the palaces of sultans have also become an important means of investment today.

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