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The leather, had been one of the materials that the human being has used it to satisfy his personal needs. He had protected himself against the harsh nature conditions and covered himself with it. He had made a shoe for himself and covered his baby for protection against the cold.

The leather, had been in the life of the human being for all the time... The leather had found

different means for use when the man have developed himself. The real leather has been the indispensable object of every era. The rebellious spirits have found themselves in the leather.

The leather had worked to the life deeply! It has been reworked in the hands of the craftsman again and again....

The Exter Leather, is a real leather craftsman who can give the leather incomparable forms. In all the products; from the bag to the valet, from the belt to the organizer; the real leather is used. The leather is carried to the every corner of the life. The Exter Leather creates the latest fashion products which are more beautiful from each other, elegant, chic and where you can use in; the long business travels, the short business travels, the business meetings, the friendly meetings, a private night and also when you go out.

travel bag, handbag, briefcases, wallet, organizer

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