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OZTURK ILAC was founded in 1975 and can fill any types of aeresol in their own 12.000 metersquare factory. Weekly company can fill upto 1,7million aerosol cans with 4 automatic filling machine, also company has 1 shaving gel line ( 300.000units/week) , one liguid filling line (400.000units/week), one hair gel line ( 300.000units/week). Labor force increases during summer but average work force

consists of 120 people.

Aiming fast and timely service to its clients ,Ozturk ilac invested on integration. Ozturk ilac produces it own plastic caps with 6 plastic injection machines, 4 injection moulding machines and 2 blowing machinery. Also the company established sister company named TIN-CAN which produces their own needs for tincan with 2 automatic lines. Recently the company invested on automatization to cut down on work force and produce more efficiently.

Ozturk ilac set it principle to combine quality products with competitive prices. Company produces products listed below under FEA standarts with it’s experienced production and R&D TEAM.
Our Quality Policy;

The aim of Ozturk Ilac is to be a preferred company in chemical sector and to provide the name of Ozturk Ilac’s continuity. For obey that aims Ozturk Ilac is apply Total Quality Management in all activities.

Our basic items for access the aims are;

1-Understand and implement our customer needs better, in this way, provide ultimate customer satisfaction. 2- Provide customers high quality products and service. 3- Enable the team work within the firm. 4- Protect the environment and take effective and sensitive measures against environmental pollution. 5- Always better to take our process and set targets in this way. 6- Ensure the constant improvement of the qualifications of employees with continuous and periodic training courses. 7- Provide the necessary environment for the best way to work employees' knowledge and skills transfers. 8- Relationships with suppliers, always to be in a corrective and remedial position to provide product quality and delivery times.
Our Environment Policy;

Take the necessary measures in order to minimize the negative effects of our activity on the environment for the sustainable future is one of the most important responsibilities adopted by OZTURK ILAC. To develop this responsibilty;
1- Comply with all enviromental legistations , regulations .
2- R&D focused on prevent pollution of enviroment on its new projects .
3- Reduse wastages on natural resources
4- Saving resources and energy , reducing use of harm full materials and quantities of hazar dous waste and implament recycling methods .
5- Raise enviromental awareness to our employees through continuous education and training .
6- Communicate with business partners , suppliers and local communities to protect envoriment .
7- Promotes R&D to produce higher Quality products for continual improvement on enviroment .

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