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Yörüksüt is established in Mersin which is the biggest port, industry, trade and agriculture city of Turkey in the Mediterranean coast. It was founded as a family entrepreneurship in 1992 by Ramazan Öz and his brothers; but the “milk passion” of the family goes back to 1940’s as a grandfather-father business of animal husbandry and dairy farming: That is, a family born into cattle breeding,

milkmanship and dairy farming, and then grown and continues to grow; and now swiftly climbing the ladders of corporate governance... Yörüksüt producing 20 different varieties of dairy products in 120 different barcodes in Mersin, Erbil and Zaho. And it presents them to the taste of its customers by way of highly developed distribution channels.
There are many Yörüksüt projects that are approved and supported by prestigious national and international institutions which shows the successful project accomplishment capacity of the company:

1- 2009: Milk Cooling Center Project: Supported by Çukurova Development Agency.
2- 2010: Capacity Increasing and Technology Renewing Project: Supported by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture
3- 2011: Enterprise Resource Planning( ERP – MRP ) : Supported by KOSGEB ( Small and Medium Scale Business Supporting Institution)
4- 2011: NU – AGE Project:A collective European research project supported by European Union.
5- 2012: Labne and Kashkaval Cheese Production Line Establishment Project: Supported by Çukurova Development Agency.

“Dairy passion and love” which is the founding principle in Yörüksüt, has led to several proverbs which reflects its governing principles: “We add our love to our products!”; “We never produce the products that we won’t feed our own children with!”. Yörüksüt has never made any concessions on these principles.

Yörüksüt always had big dreams about foreign investments and partnerships: Building synergistic production and service win-win systems in its area of expertise which transcends itself and serves to the development of that region or country; that is, building large scale and integrated animal farms, feed mills and dairy industry... And the fulfilment of these dreams and purposes will bring wealth and healthy, quality and delicious feeding to the involved people.

Yörüksüt, while pursueing its dreams on the one hand, has always stepped firm on the grounds of reality on the other; and has always made short, medium and long term plans for its growth. And up to now, all the Yörüksüt dreams have come true one step at a time and without any failure. And Yörüksüt knows and feels deep inside that his bigger dreams will also come true; because its dreams are self-transcendent and holistic.

With the above mentioned wisdom it gained through experience, Yörüksüt has always been developing step by step in its own pace at the moment, without any hurry: In the direction of its dreams, Yörüksüt has become exporting dairy products to Iraq in 2007; built its first factory in Zaho in 2010; and the second in Erbil in 2013. In the mean time, it has established a diverse marketing and distribution network in Irak, and become a leading brand name in the region.

Yörüksüt has applied for an IPARD project in October 2016: In its privately owned 16 000 squaremeters land in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial District. After necessary approval time, construction will begin in July 2016 and it is expected to be finished around 18 months.

Yörüksüt is seriously investigating partnerships or investments in countries like Germany, Romania, Iran and will proceed according to the results.
We have a transcendent purpose: Producing and servicing wealth, quality and health in the world by catching the world standards in the above mentioned sectors. And we strongly believe that trust, collaboration and synergy are the corner stones of success for every successful partnerships.

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