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As Omega Boya we manufacture and supply anticorrosivity, epoxy, primers, mid coats, coats, coatings, semi-gloss top coats, gloss top coats, ancillary products, thinners, primer, mid coat, coat, coating, semi-gloss top coat, gloss top coat, ancillary product, thinner, ferroust primers, water based primers, industrial primers, synthetic primers, cellulosic primers, wash primers, inorganic zinc

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Our company, which bears the BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate began production in 2003; producing industrial paints, heavy-duty paints, special coatings and floor-coatings with 24-years experienced executive managers.

We make all the quality tests of our products in our Quailty Control Test Laboratory, inside our factory, in order to serve you better quality and faster service.Our Research and Development Laboratory is working for your satisfaction for 7 years with a reforming mentality.

Targeting at being the best local coating producer and an internationally well-known company; Omega Boya ve Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Þti. is taking part in lots of great projects.
We can proudly express some of our special products as an avant-gardist company.

Ferrorust Primer

Ferrorust Primer is a one component, specially enhanced and air-drying primer. It is applied directly on rusty surface and adheres to the surface by incorporating the corrosion. Although Ferrorust Primer is a one-component primer, the second component is the undesirable rust on the surface. It can adhere well to the non-rusty parts on surface and it prevents new rust occurance.

It has many advantages like; adhering very well to corrosion on metal surfaces not available for grit spraying, ensuring high physical and chemical resistance on the surfaces to which it is applied, forming a plane surface for any kinds of air and flash-off drying topcoats to be applied on.

Ferrorust Primer is applied on all of the metal and steel surfaces at various manufactures and especially at heavy-duty manufactures like ship industry. It can be applied on the surface by brush, roller or pistole without any preparation like grit spraying.

On Ferrorust Primer; industrial, synthetic, epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and cellulosic top coats can be applied at desired film thickness. The second coat application should be made after 24 hours but the reaction with rust continues for 7 days so all the rust will be reacted at the end of curing.

Although topcoat application can easily made on Ferrorust Primer, the surface can be left in primer-applied form because of it decorative light gray and white colors and high protectiveness.

Gluemax Primer and Top Coat

Gluemax Primer and Top Coat are a special coatings with special acrylic modified resins. They can perfectly adhere to the surfaces like PP, PE, PVC, aluminum and galvanizeThey are general-purpose coatings in order to ease of application on glass and copp

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2003 / 11-25

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ISO 9001:2008,TSE



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