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AKPA ALUMINIUM PLS.SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. Has been established in 1987 in Caglayan / ISTANBUL. Besides Being in continuos development,Akpa Aluminium is a registered aluminium extuder Manufacturer,of which the business is involed in central ASIA , EUROPE, BALKANS ANDNORTH AFRICA. The Company continuosly increases its brandname Akpa placing its trust in quality and efficeiency in spporting customer

satisfactions.Akpa Aluminium realizes its marketing,sales and customer relations in head office Caglayan.The firm places its trust in quality providing maximum in operation efficiency in supporting customer satis factions.

Akpa Aluminium has all quality fact with Akpa Columns.This thought with TSE 755-1 , TSE 5247 en 12020-1, TSE 4922 , ISO 9001:200 , Qualiquat,Rosenheim test certificates.

Akpa Aluminium makes marketing,sales and customer relations facilities its caglayan head office.Akpa gives useful and very fast service to customers needs at caglayan.The store is serving the sale of aluminium and pvc accessories,hardware,pvc and aluminium profile processing machines.Meeting our customers local and international needs in one sale point,we are one of the leading companies in Aluminium sector who serves the highest qualty of aluminium goods with a well-known reputation.Akpa Aluminium open new project department to help and support their customers to be work perfectly.

Akpa Aluminium facilities are production of Aluminium Profile & Aluminium doors and windows accessories.Akpa Aluminium has supports to the economic with its 480 workers.Akpa Aluminium sales office has skillied and experienced personall for doors and windows sector. Akpa Family customers;product quality and performance contribution,continuously improvement with new thinks,and increase the customer satisfaction is our main goal. Akpa Aluminium and our workers are very big family;Akpa vision increasing,technologikal R&D Department,attack,qualty,mission all the new things in the world, every year is growing its export.Akpa Aluminium is one of the big company in Turkey With its exports.

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1987 / 0-5

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CE, EC, TS EN 755-1, TS EN 755-3, TS EN 755-4, TS EN 755-5, TS EN 755-8, TS EN 755-9, TSE 5247, TS EN 12020

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AddressHürriyet Mh. Dr.Cemil Bengü Cd. No:6 Kağıthane, İstanbul, TurkeyCountryTurkeyCityİstanbulPostal Code-