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We take the first steps of our journey we set out in 1980 to reach today. As said Aldous Huxley “you might not succeed if you wait for the most suitable time to start, start not, start from where you are and what you have...”. We believed that and we come a firm exporting to 43 countries today by taking the steps with our big working tenacity and our excitement as the first day to reach our goals

from a small workshop. We have not got tired, quailed, and lost our hope in this story of success, we have not been afraid of hardiness and barriers of the life and making mistake and we have worked with tenacity to realize our ideas, because we had a goal and we had the excitement, energy, and knowledge to realize it. Our team was small, however dreams were big. Seeing how big wings you have starts with opening them and we opened our wings. We believed development and change. We have made investment not only on the technology, machinery, and equipment but also on human. We have seen our all employees not only as a teammate but also our family and friends. When we look at the past not, we smile with a proper pride and we thank God.

We celebrate our 35th year with our new logo which is our new face. We reflect with our logo the energy of an athlete at the first start, dynamism, and focus on the target and we determined it our visual representative in establishment of our corporate identity. Our new logo which is an important element and tool of promotion in order to establish and strengthen sectoral existence of our firm and provide that it is separated from the competitors shall be visible face of the institution in marketing and shall provide service to the renowned brand image with its memorability and easy-to-remember form. On the other hand, our logo has marks reflecting our corporate culture, field of operation, vision and characteristics such as our product range. Our new logo has a catchy characteristic even when seen in different conditions in terms of both its purity and colour and form.

Kromel Company Group has a statute having a specific stance, having proved itself in production and quality, having been accepted in its sector, and having been able to create difference from its competitors. It is possible by looking at our logo how important for our firm ethic and aesthetic values, how it backs its products in terms of quality and warranty, to understand our company value that we have established as a country. We assess our logo as a starting point in our company of which corporate process has been structured by us.

World rotates fast...Technology advance very fast, industry advances, production increases, and number of our competitors increases...So business life proceeds fast. Why should not the one who competes with the world leaders in the global market be us? Thus, innovation is a must. We, Kromel family, believe that and we accelerate our steps in this way.

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