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Zhejiang Shencai Radiators Co., Ltd sets of a new "carbon plastic alloy - Aluminum" composite radiator with R & D, production, sales and service in one. It is an international modern enterprise with advanced scientific management system.

In order to well-build a new "carbon plastic alloy - Aluminum" composite radiator with high-performance and quality, we pay more attention on the

introduction and cultivation of high-tech talent, the production process is constantly updated and upgraded; We introduced a comprehensive large German original assembly lines and technology, preparation of special material "carbon plastic alloy" watercourse, radiator parts to achieve excellence.

Zhejiang Shencai Radiators Co., Ltd to promote the innovation and development of China radiator responsibility, and make unremitting efforts to allow users to really use the high-quality radiator.

It is a high-performance plastic alloy by physical or chemical grafting of the principle of blending method and obtained functional, exclusive of a new class of materials.

It has been widely used in automobiles, electronics, precision instruments, office equipment, packaging materials, building materials and so on.

It can improve or enhance the performance of existing plastic and reduce costs, has become one of the most active species in the plastics industry. And they are in more than 10% of the annual growth rate increased rapidly.

The carbon-plastic alloy that Zhejiang Shencai Radiator Co., Ltd developed, high corrosion function is an efficient use of the thermal conductivity of carbon fiber and plastic alloy, creative blend perfectly, which is a new generation of composite radiator watercourse new patented formulation of special materials. It completely solved the problems of the prior mostly radiator corrosion, adding a glorious new materials for our products radiator.

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