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Özşahin was founded by Mr. Nihat Özşahin in 1945. As a result of long technical studies, Neolith Plate mass production began in 1960. Our factory has reached 20.000 m² closed area with every year increased customer demand, improved manufacturing technologies and quality standards. Our daily capacity of “mixing dough” is 40.000kg. In addition to Neolith Plates, Özşahin added boots soles, Light

Neoliths, EVA Plates to his manufacturing field. Since 2000, thermo rubber used in the shoe sole manufacturing was produced with a daily capacity of 30.000kgs in the Özşahin Dudullu facilities.

In addition to the manufacturing activities, our company who imports and exports rubber and rubber industry auxiliary products, is representative and distributor of Turkey, Middle East and Commonwealth of Independence States (CIS) for many domestic and foreign distinguished raw material manufacturer companies. Özşahin stores and presents raw material types, nearly 100 from almost 30 companies including domestic and foreign companies, in closed main storage building having the capacity of 20.000m² in Dudullu Industrial Zone.

By its 5 forklift trucks, 2 trucks, 3 pickup trucks, 2 minibuses and 5 cars and its distribution network, Özşahin believes in the principle of fast and problem-free service to the customers’ demand without making concession on the quality. Furthermore, customers who come to our storages by their vehicles can take their products without delay. As the products are preserved carefully in our storage and loading and unloading are realized carefully, there aren’t any problem such as damaged torn, burst or damaged material packages in the warehouses and problematic products aren’t loaded. Besides, except our Dudullu center storage, we furnish services to our customers through the storages and liaison offices in İstanbul Taşdelen, İstanbul Gedikpaşa, İstanbul İkitelli and İzmir Işıkkent.

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