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Our Motto: Experience the quality food with us.

We are still carrying out our operations with the same excitement we had in 2006 when we started our business life. It is true that our excitement remained intact; however, our structure has changed significantly. We are at the service of "Agriculture" with our quality approach growing stronger day by day and professional staff.

A diet

consisting of healthy and different food groups is a precondition for the quality life. Nutrition should be an action aiming to increase the life quality rather than being just a need for sustaining our lives.

Quality food will have a wide range of varieties, be available at all times and enjoyed during the year. Making such high quality and reliable food produced with strong efforts available is possible with the joint efforts of all members of the food value chain.

Therefore, "Experience the quality food with us" as SAER says.

There has been an increasing demand for high quality, residue-free fruit and vegetable consumption in the recent years. Agricultural production constitutes a resource for this; this demand is met to a great extent with the aid of modern plant protection which is one of the fields we carry out our operations and conduct research in order to continuously offer better solutions in. As SAER, first of all, we test the market conditions with innovative approaches at all aspects to reach flawless performance and high level consumer safety. In this respect, this operation can only be managed by a company focused on researching. Playing a true global role with our strong and local networks in the related regions of Europe and in the rest of the world, we offer our professional expertise when necessary.

One of our main goals is to provide high quality food for the consumers. To achieve this, we, as SAER, committed ourselves to Food Safety. With the participation of all actors within the food value chain, it will be possible for consumers to obtain high quality products. This kind of partnerships has risen from a general opinion which is called "Experience the quality food with us".

Until recently, the main criterion for consumers to purchase fruits and vegetables has been the price. However, this situation has changed today; people started to pay a great deal of attention to some characteristics such as the food safety, quality and product range, conformity along with the ethics and environmental conditions. These are different demands becoming evident in the value chain, from production to retail sales. We, as SAER, offer our expertise and support to all actors in the value chain and also to the consumers regarding when, how and how much they should use the quality products for plant protection. This way, we aim at combining superior quality production with the maximum consumer safety that forms our idea "Experience the quality food with us".

Achieving the Food Quality

We, as SAER, offer sui generis solutions and services for all member of the food value chain.

Our Innovative and Investigative Approaches
Strong expertise in the analytical and toxicological issues along with the environmental toxicology
Service tools such as Detailed Product Tracking (Traceability-Field Diary) System, proper residue management and expertise in high quality production
Special service support with regard to the domestic and foreign market tolerances, registration-license status and maximum residue limit issues with our disi

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