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Kurtman was founded in 1969 in İstanbul as a family owned company to produce in the field of machining to supply the demand of different sectors in Turkish industry. Kurtman, soon, became a pioneer and leader company on the subjects and activities dealt in industrial sector.

A few years after establishment in 1974, Kurtman noticed that there was no production of hydraulic tube connection

parts in Turkey and such kind of products were entirely imported.
Having been preferred for its products of good quality in diversified sectors was a pushing force for Kurtman to direct the company’s production process to manufacture Hyrolic Tube Fitting, as the Pioneer company in Turkey in Hyraulic sector.

This action taken towards the production of Hyraulic Tube fittings prevented the importing of such producs to Turkey in certain degree and Kurtman gained a major part of market share in Hydraulic sector in 1979. Since then, Kurtman increased its production capacity continuously and started to export some part of its products and this situation gave Kurtman a reasonable growth acceleration forcing to have bigger production facilities and prepared a plan of moving to its own building on that time. As a result, new facilities have been completely active and operational in 1997 and since then, Kurtman production facilities have been situated in area of 14.000 m2 of which 6.000 m2 is covered.

Kurtman continued its development and growth by having continual Total Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction policy as main goals and its corporate philosopy. The machining and production of fittings have always been made in DIN 2353 standarts for Hydraulic connection Fittings, DIN 74297 – 74327 standarts for Automotive sector, varius type of heavy duty vechiles, tracktors and shipping industry. This precision on manufacturing process has made Kurtman products highly preferrable in both local and global market and Kurtman decided to go into an accredition process to get EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate and became the first Turkish Company which manufacturing Hydraulic Connection Fittings with TÜV certificate in 2003.

With its enhanced machinery park, Kurtman has taken all major precaution to able to produce any kind of hyraulic connection parts and fittings in a fast and trustable way and in an open-minded vision to the new Technologies in manufacturing and R&D processes to continue its pioneering mission as a leading firm with an annual production capacity of 22 million pieces that covers more than 3500 type of producs including exported and special fittings with approximately 150 employees.

Kurtman is, now, managing its human resources in a continuous training princible and always considered the “Quality Understanding in Manufacturing Processes” as a progresive and developing target that should be improved according to the conditions, instead of a target that should be reached and kept.

Kurtman’s vision has always been to increase the competitiveness of its products and services for for its customers with maximum satisfaction level by keeping the management and production systems in an open structure to the innovations to develop continuously. That is why Kurtman has established its Total Quality Management System on a seamless manufacturing and serving base, instead of having problems later on and trying to solve them.

Kurtman is stil leading the sector with the uniqe consciousness of Total Quality in manufact

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