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This is an organization of BATTAL Companies group. Starting to provide services within the Turkish Healthcare sector as the newest member of our company group since 1991, the Company has been providing services devotedly within the vaccine sector for the last five years. With its leading, dynamic and hardworking structure, Turk İlac completed the investment IV parenteral solution and ampoule

storage through rigid capsule and tablet, which is started in 2012 at Ankara – Akyurt.

Becoming the facility with the cutting-edge technology that the medicine sector might ever have, Our facility of which grand-opening will be made on April 2015, is designed in accordance with the Up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practises and Good Laboratory Practises, and the selection for the equipment within the facility is performed based on the international norms. The Injectable WFI water & ventilation systems, which is one of the most important matters within the medicine sector, have been designed on a level with advanced engineering and effective automation. Possessing an allocation that provides the opportunity to intervene quickly and directly to the whole installment, the ventilation quality of the manufacturing sites have been kept on the highest quality level by using hepa filters even at the non-sterile areas regarding the technical sections. Having a production area of 6800 square meters, the facility owns a production site of 9800 square meters.

Our facility’s production capacity is as following: 1.200.000 tablets per hour, 420.000 capsules per hour, 35.000 ampules per hour, 3500 IV parenteral solution per hour.

Apart from the known conventional tablet types, the tablet production section possesses the production technology of two-sided with different ingredients.

Aside from the production with direct dry granulation; the capsule production owns the manufacturing technology opportunities which may involve multiple/effective ingredients, coated under intended conditions and pelletized.
In order for preventing to users to have serious problems regarding the IV Parenteral solution application (dosage problem for chemotherapy, IV set setting apart from the dialysis, the contents of the bag not being able to emptied %100 etc.). Manufacturing in the PP bags has been performed, supported with the TURKFLEKS branded safety of which patent is secured by Turk İlac.
Having the ampoule storage line for 1, 2 and 5 ml; Turk İlac performs vaccine filling complying with the cutting edge technology under aseptic conditions on this line.

We’re planning to increase the production capacity rapidly by adding the vial/prefilled vaccine lines and enlarging the ampoule & IV facility within our facility planned to possess 15.000 square meters of production site of which construction process still continues over 6000 square meters of area and of which investment transactions are still being made in Ankara-Akyurt. Besides, required investments and technological transfer studies are being performed synchronously in order for the production of the vaccines, which are filled at our facilities, to be initiated.

Settled as our primary vaccines “the TD, hepatitis A, hepatitis B” that are planned to be filled, the production stage is planned to be initiated with the TD vaccine.

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