New Finland Request on export of fishing floats from Finland

we are the supplier of materials for fishing floats. we are supplier of sarcanda reeds, twisted brass and stainless wire eyes. silicone tube and floats box. quality A1 and rates are reasonable

fishing floats , fishing float

New Ireland Prefabricated isolated villas 300 units offer required in Iraq

please quote villas made from light steel or any other isolating material unit about 300 1st phase about 250 villas

prefabricated isolated villas , villa , villas , prefabricated villas

New Ethiopia Painting machinery required in Ethiopia

Our company are looking for Turkey origin paint machinery and specification , manufacturer or trading houses list

painting machinery , painting equipments

New Iraq Bush bearing (water lubricant brass nitrile rubber) needed in Iraq

i wish purchase bush bearing (water lubricant brass nitrile rubber)

bush bearing , water lubricant brass nitrile rubber , bearing , sanitary ware

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New Germany MAN, MBenz, Scania, Volvo, DAF, Iveco, Renault

Hello, we can supply you with high quality products for the cheapest prices. We have original parts, used parts and reproduction parts. We manufactor our own brand and have partnership with several brands.

scania , iveco , renault , volvo , man , mercedes , brio , truck spare parts , used parts , original parts , truck

New USA Glass plate chargers request from USA

I will like manufacturers for the following products. 1) Glass plate chargers 2) Napkin ring holders 3) Wedding decorative vases 4) Luxury wedding table linens 5) cutleries

glass plate charger , plate charger , plate chargers , glass plate charges

New Poland Glass keeping boxes offer request from Poland

I'm looking for cover to glass made keeping . Can you help me to find manufacture this products ?

glass keeping boxes , boxes , glass boxes , glass box

New Jordan Iso asphalt tank required in Jordan

Bitumen Tanks required ISO 20FT tank with Electric Heater standard with lables and certificates

iso asphalt tank , asphalt tanks , asphalt tank

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New Ukraine Freezer door handle special production inquiry from Ukraine

Could you produce freezer door plastic handle according to our drawing

freezer door handle , door handle , door handles , freezer door handles , door handle for freezers

New Iran Egg import inquiry from Iran

we are in interest to buy Egg from Turkey with following specifications : egg weight : 60-65 g each Tray : 30 eggs each carton : 360 eggs each carton : 12 tries . each Carton weight : 24-25 kg Price : CIF - Doha

egg , eggs

New Afghanistan Electrical Gas Heaters offer request from Afghanistan

I am looking for a manufacture Turkey company to produce electrical gas heater.

electrical gas heaters , heaters , gas heaters , electrical heaters , heater

New Algeria Machinery to produce mosquito repellent tablet inquiry from Algeria

Wishing to receive an offer of price of a complete equipment for manufacture of mosquito repellent tablet

machinery to produce mosquito repellent tablet , mosquito repellent tablet , mosquito repellent , mosquito repellent tablet production

New South Africa Women fashion clothing demand from South Africa

I'm looking for current women fashion clothing

women fashion clothing , fashion clothing , women's clothes , ladies clothes

New Italy Walnuts, hazelnuts import price request from Italy

Quotation for 1-Raw shelled hazelnuts calibre 13/15 and caliber 15 + 2-Walnuts in Shell 32 + caliber 3-Shelled Walnuts type AA-Type A and type B 4-Hazelnuts in shell calibre 18/20 caliber 20/22

walnuts , hazelnuts , dried nuts

New Algeria Spare parts for cars to distribute in Algeria

I am looking for Turkish spare parts of cars can be distributed by my company in Algeria.

spare parts for cars , car parts , car spares , auto spares , auto parts , auto spare parts

New Ethiopia Pectin import price inquiry from Ethiopia

I'd like to know your product i am looking for pectin e440 to test sample 10kg specification, price and shipping price to ethiopia.

pectin , chemicals , food ingresients , food additives

New Egypt Paper roughness tester inquiry from Egypt

Our client ​is a paper manufacturer and ​asks us to supply Roughness and air permeance tester for paper quality, They need one instrument have the following technical details : A clear and suite LCD . Air flow rate

paper roughness tester , roughness tester , paper roughness , testing equipments , test equipments

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New South Africa Men's Clothing supply in South Africa

I need suppliers of mens clothing and shoes

men's clothing , men's clothes , men's wear , menswear

New Ukraine Plisse mosquitos set import to Ukraine

I am interesting for plisse mosquitos net. Can you give me some offer for your product?

plisse mosquito set , mosquito sets , mosquito set , mosquito nets , mosquito screens , mosquito mesh , plisse insect screen


Since 2006 Dekapor has been giving facade, interior and exterieor facade services. On 2500m2 with experts manufacturing with cnc machines our company renews itself by following sectoral developments.

) , jambs , eps jacketing , sheathing , eps sheathing , windowsills , decorative cross sections , layer systems , bedplates , laths , keystones , ceiling coating , jamb , layer system , cladding , columns , ceiling coatings , windowsill , coping , bedplate , decorative cross section , keystone , lath , column , construction  window , claddings , windows , jacketings , chemicals , joint , jacketing systems , eps jacketing systems , exterior cladding , eps sheathings , construction chemical , buttress , sheathings , exterior claddings , eps sheathing systems , sheathing sy

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