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New Algeria Algerian company looking for chandeliers

Looking for suppliers of chandeliers and accessories

chandeliers , chandelier

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New Iraq Hot dip cable tray required in Iraq

ASAP quote me by prices of (Hot Dip ) Galvanized cable tray with cover A-100x100 mm with cover@215 LM B-150x100 mm with cover@190 LM C-200x100 mm with cover@140 LM D-250x100 mm with cover@350 LM E-400x100 mm with

hot dip cable tray , cable raceway , cable tray

  • Iraq
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New Tanzania Distribution transformer price inquiry from Tanzania

I ask for the price of 500kVA, 33kV distribution Transformer.

distribution transformer , transformer , transformers

  • Tanzania
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New Saudi Arabia 120kVA UPS for hospital required in Saudi Arabia

Please submit your best price and delivery time for ups 120kva with recovery 30 mint for hospital, full system with battery

120kca ups , ups , ups for hospital

New Libya Ceiling lamps price request from Libya

Price list for your products. Ceiling lamps etc.

ceiling lamps , lamps , lamp

  • Libya
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New Qatar Lighting products import request from Qatar

Im looking for furniture, lighting and kitchen cabinet

lighting products , lighting , lights

  • Qatar
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New Algeria Electrical equipment buying request from Algeria

We are looking for an electrical equipment manufacturer for a partnership in Algeria

electrical equipments

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New Portugal Led pool lights purchase inquiry from Portugal

I'm interested in having information about Turkish pool suppliers. Pumps, filters, ph and chlore doseators, salt electrolisis, led light, manual cleanners, ph and chlore testers, pvc acessories and valves.

led pool lights , led lights

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New Iraq Cable tray purchase request from Iraq

We want to buy cable tray

cable tray , cable raceway , cable trunking

  • Iraq
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New Afghanistan UPS and inverters enquiry from Afghanistan

I want to find Electronics producers which can Export to Afghanistan.

ups , inverters

New Jordan Aluminum cables needed in Jordan

Look for flat-gauge aluminum cables

aluminum cables , cables , cable

  • Jordan
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New Morocco Cable quotation from Morocco

We are looking for a manufacturer of special cables for a partnership

cable , cables

  • Morocco
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New Algeria LED light furniture buy inquiry from Algeria

I need them to buy outdoor and indoor's led furniture.

led light furniture , led light furnitures

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New Brazil Ethnic lighting products to export to Brazil

I am interested to source Turkish colorful lights suppliers who are reliable and work up to international standards.

ethnic lighting products , lighting products , lighting

  • Brazil
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New Bosnia and Herzegovina Lighting products to export to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our company is interested in import of the lighting products from Turkish manufacturers.

lighting products , lighting

New Bosnia and Herzegovina General electric materials buy inquiry from Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are interested in import of electric products from Turkish manufacturers

electric materials

New Bosnia and Herzegovina Cables wires to supply in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are interested to import cables-wire products from Turkish manufacturers

cables , wires , cable , wire

New Iran Iranian company requested to sell sensors, security systems and electronic boards

Electronic Pardazesh Sabalan (EPS) Company in Iran designs, manufactures & exports all kind of Electronic Boards for Illumination Industry products. Products range: Design and manufacture of Electronic Boards, Motion

sensors , security systems , electronic boards

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New United Arab Emirates Prime open cummins generators enquiry from UAE

We are in need of 1500 kva cummins DG set Open type - 2 Nos.

prime open cummins generators , generators , generator , cummins generators

New Mauritius Request for quote for flexible core cable from Mauritius

I am looking for electrical core cable roll 100m. I am a wholesaler in mauritius.

flexible core cable , cable , cables

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