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General Manager
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metal products, sheet, sheets, plate, plates, brass, copper, copper for resistance, phosphor bronze, alpaca, aluminium, non ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, red brass, zinc, lead, brass rod, brass tube, brass roll, brass plate, brass profile, brass bar, brass foil, brass coil wire, copper pipe, copper rod, copper tube coil, copper bar, copper roll, copper foil, copper plate, copper wire, phosphor bronze plate, phosphor bronze rod, phosphor bronze strip, phosphor bronze bar, alpaca strip, Turki
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1982 / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Beyoğlu / 2470011987
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Bakraç Sk., Cihangir Mah., Çetinkaya İş Merkezi, Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 251 34 12
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+90 212 243 31 83
alpaca sheet, alpaca sheets, alpaca strip, alpaca strips, aluminium bronze, aluminium bronzes, aluminium foil, aluminium foils, aluminium pipe, aluminium pipes, aluminium plate, aluminium plates, aluminium profile, aluminium profiles, aluminium rod, aluminium rods, aluminium sheet, aluminium sheets, brass bar, brass bars, brass coil wire, brass coil wires, brass foil, brass foils, brass plate, brass plates, brass profile, brass profiles, brass rod, Brass Rods, brass roll, brass rolls, brass sheet, brass sheets, brass tube, brass tubes, copper bar, copper bars, copper foil, copper foils, copper for resistance, copper pipe, copper pipes, copper plate, copper plates, copper rod, copper rods, copper roll, copper rolls, copper sheet, copper sheets, copper tube coil, copper tube coils, Copper wire, copper wires, coppers for resistance, lead plate, lead plates, lead sheet, lead sheets, metal product, metal products, phosphor bronze bar, phosphor bronze bars, phosphor bronze plate, phosphor bronze plates, phosphor bronze rod, phosphor bronze rods, phosphor bronze sheet, phosphor bronze sheets, phosphor bronze strip, phosphor bronze strips, red brass, red brasses, stainless pipe, stainless pipes, stainless plate, stainless plates, stainless rod, stainless rods, stainless sheet, stainless sheets, zinc plate, zinc plates, zinc sheet, zinc sheets