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gear, gears, industrial products, gear pumps, automotive spare parts, tractor spare parts, commercial vehicle spare parts, mining industrial products, aviation industry products, defense industry products, piston pumps, axial piston pumps, pumps, compact castiron gear pumps, steering gears, hydraulic steering gears, commercial vehicle steering gears, vane pumps, bevel boxes, emergency valves, oil tanks, hydraulic gear pumps, aluminium body hydraulic gear pumps, cast iron body hydraulic gear pump
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1971 / >1000
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Boğaziçi Kurumlar / 4590032596
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  • Manufacturer
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O.S.B. 59501 Çerkezköy - Tekirdağ, Turkey
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+90 282 798 10 40
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+90 282 758 10 68
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