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General Manager
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cleaning products, cleaning items, cleaning agents, cleaning equipments, paper products, industrial cleaners, industrial hygiene products, personal care products, occupational safety and health equipments, general trading products, food products, medical materials, cooking oils, detergents, rinse aids, lime removers, oil and soil removers, wax solvents, hygienic cleaners, stain removers, wood surface cleaners, carpet shampoos, polymer waxes, air fresheners, rust removers, brass and silver polish
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- / 0-5
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Etimesgut / 3810451946
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Bahçekapı Mah., 2528. Sk., No: 45, Şaşmaz, Etimesgut, Ankara, Turkey
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+90 312 278 36 66
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+90 312 278 36 88
adult diapers, air chemicals, air freshener, air fresheners, amenity groups, baby diapers, bones, brass and silver polisher, brass and silver polishers, bumps, carpet shampoo, carpet shampoos, clean floor trolley, clean floor trolleys, cleaning agent, cleaning agents, cleaning brush, cleaning brushes, cleaning clothes, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipments, cleaning item, cleaning items, cleaning product, cleaning products, cleaning sets, colognes, corn oils, dedororizers, detergent, detergents, dustbins, dustpan, dustpans, food and livestock hygienes, food products, general trading product, general trading products, gloves, hand protectors, head protectors, helmets, hooks, hotel products, hygienic cleaner, hygienic cleaners, industrial cleaner, industrial cleaners, industrial hygiene product, industrial hygiene products, lime remover, lime removers, marine chemicals, masks, medical supplies, mop, mop refills, mops, napkins, occupational safety and health equipment, occupational safety and health equipments, oil and soil remover, oil and soil removers, olive oils, paper product, paper products, personal care product, personal care products, polymer wax, polymer waxes, raincoats, rinse aid, rinse aids, road safety products, rust remover, rust removers, shampoos, shave products, soap dispensers, soaps, softener, softeners, squeegees, stain remover, stain removers, sunflower oils, toilet papers, toners and cartridges, towels, traffic cones, trash bags, warning signs, wax solvent, wax solvents, welding and fire units, wet wipes, wood surface cleaner, wood surface cleaners, work clothes, work shoes