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cleaning chemicals, industrial cleaning chemicals, textile chemicals, textile hygiene chemicals, softeners, laundry softeners, local stain removers, rust removers, tahina removers, blood and protein removers, reducing bleaching for coloring stains, oil and paint removers, auxiliary washing products, antikalker washing product, lime preventive washing product, dirt oil, blood remover washing agent, blood remover liquid washing agent, greyness remover washing agent, bleaching products
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1997 / 0-5
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Menderes / 1870647037
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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İtob Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 10034 Sk. No.1 Tekeli-Menderes - İzmir, Turkey
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+90 232 833 33 99
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+90 232 833 28 38
acrylic carpet shampoo, alcohol based liquid hand disinfectant, all purpose liquid cleaner, antikalker washing product, asidic sanitary cleaners, auxiliary washing products, bleaching products, blood and protein removers, blood remover liquid washing agent, brass and copper shiner, carpet cleaning detergent for machines, carpet maintenance products, chlorine based bleachings, cleaner after bulding construction, cleaner and polish agent, cleaners for bathroom, cleaning chemicals, cleaning material for shiny surfaces, cleaning materials for automats, cyristallizer with wax, dirt oil and blood remover washing agent, dish washer products, disinfectant and cleaning products, disinfectant products, dust collecting product for floors, floor maintenance products, furniture polisher and shiner, general hygiene products, glass cleaner, greyness remover washing agent, hand soap with antiseptic, hand soap with disinfectant, hand washing agent, hand washing agent foamy, handwashing detergent, handwashing product, handwashing products, hygienic stain removers, industrial cleaning chemical, industrial cleaning chemicals, kitchen chemicals, kitchen disinfectants, kitchen hygiene chemicals, laundry softeners, lime and rust removers, lime preventive washing product, lime scale remover for dish washers, liquid chlorined washing agent, liquid dish washer detergent, liquid general cleaners, liquid hand disinfectants, liquid hand soaps, liquid washing detergents, liquid wc cleaners, local stain removers, local textile stain remover, main washing products, metal stratch mark remover, oil and paint removers, oil and stain removers, oil solvent products, omega liquid washing system, oxygen based bleachings, oxygen based stain removers, parfume and air freshener, polymer polish, powder detergent for dish washing machines, powder detergent products, reducing bleaching for coloring stains, rinsing and special products, rinsing products, rust removers, sanitary products, sanitation agent for bathroom, shampoos, silicone based defoamer, silver cleaner agent, softener with pleasent smell, softeners, special stain removers, stain oil and polish removers, stain remover powder washing agent, stain removers, stainless steel polishing agent, stainless steel surface cleaning, tahina removers, textile chemicals, textile hygiene chemicals, textile parfume and room freshener, textile rinsing agent, varnishes for dish washers, vegetable and fruit disinfectant, vegetable and fruit disinfectant liquid, vegetable and fruit disinfectant powder, washbasin and drain opener powder, washing product for oil removing, wax marble polishing, wc cleaers, without bleach washing detergent, wood cleaners