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cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, cosmetic products, diapers, dishwashing detergents, liquid dishwashing detergents, shampoos, personal care products, laundry detergents, cables, power cables, FMCG products, toothpastes, shaving foams, hygiene pads, hygiene products, women care products, batteries, powder detergents, powder laundry detergents, foreign trade services, logistics services, pipes, plastic pipes, pvc pipes, pvc plastic pipes, sanitary plumbing pipes
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İkitelli / 5280588499
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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İsteks Dokumacılar San. Sit. B8 Blok No: 1 İkitelli.O.S.B. Başakşehir, Turkey
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+90 212 485 07 34
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