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Ramazan AKSOY
General Manager
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construction services, construction projects, building construction, building construction services, structure engineering services, construction engineering services, building construction, apartment construction, electrical installation works, mechanical installation works, electricity project, mechanical projects, transformer repair and maintenance, distribution panel, electrical panel, transformer kiosk, sheet metal panels, control panel, bridge lighting, distribution transformers
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- / 0-5
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Seyhan / 0340378531
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  • Manufacturer
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100. Yıl Mah. Fazlı Meto Blv. No:55 K:1 Çukurova - Adana, Turkey
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+90 322 231 00 71 --- +90 532 258 28 23
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+90 322 231 10 72
air conditioners, air conditioning and ventilation systems, alarm systems, announcement systems, apartment construction, assembly and installation of high voltage pole, boilers, bridge lighting, building automation, building construction, building construction services, burglar alarm systems, cctv camera systems, central heating system installation, city ​​electric network, clean water and sewage treatment systems, clean water installation, clean water systems, cold rooms, complete factory building, concrete pavilion, construction engineering services, construction projects, construction services, control panel, cooling system designs, cooling systems, distribution panel, distribution transformers, door meeting systems, door systems, drainage and sewerage systems, drinking water installation, electrical distribution system, electrical installation works, electrical panel, electricity project, filters and laminar flow systems, fire alarm systems, heating system designs, heating systems, high voltage cabling and trench, high voltage installations, high voltage panel works, high voltage pole, id card access systems, illumination systems, industrial assemblies, industrial automation, infrastructure works, installation and wiring of telephone exchanges, lighting fixtures, low current installations, low voltage electrical networks, mechanical designs, mechanical installation projects, mechanical installation works, mechanical installations, mechanical projects, medium voltage control systems, medium voltage electricity networks, medium voltage installations, medium voltage substations, network infrastructure works, network system, plumbing installation systems, plumbing systems, power distribution panels, power transmission lines, rain water systems, road lighting, satellite antenna systems, security systems, sewage treatment systems, sheet metal panels, structure engineering services, substation, substations, transformer, transformer kiosk, transformer repair and maintenance, turnkey factory construction, underground low voltage electricity networks, ventilation system, ventilation system designs, ventilation systems, waste water drainage systems, waste water installation, water cooling systems, water cooling towers, watering systems