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General Manager
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Iran, Iraq, Algeria, South Africa, Serbia, Kosovo, Malta, Mauritania, Romania, USA, UEA, Russia,
modular water tanks, water tanks, expansion tanks, accumulation tank, boiler, fire cabinet, booster pump, expansion vessel, fire water tanks, solar energy storage, carbon filter grilles, shutters, air filters, fans, aspirators, prismatic modular water tanks, portable water tanks, horizontal type water tanks, vertical type water tanks, prismatic water tanks, water tank systems, stainless water tank systems, stainless steel water tank systems, galvanized water tank, stainless steel water tank
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2006 / 6-10
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Aksaray / 0010596452
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Minareci Mah. Turizm Cad. Eras İş Merkezi No: 230 - Aksaray, Turkey
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+90 532 548 34 01
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