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General Manager
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Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece, Moscow
ready wear products, women's clothes, women's dresses, blouse, skirt, pants, jacket, evening dress, evening dresses, textile accessories, women's blouse, women's pants, women's jackets, ladies clothes, ladies dresses, ladies blouse, ladies pants, ladies jackets, women's skirt, ladies skirt, women's evening dresses, ladies evening dresses, blouse manufacturer, blouse manufacturing, blouse supplier
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- / 0-5
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Kasımpaşa / 1090044577
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Sancaktepe Mah. Tekin Sok. No: 29 Kat: 3-4-5 Güngören - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 637 86 24 - 30
Fax Number
+90 212 637 84 44
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