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Zeki Erden ASLANER
General Manager
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readywears, readytowears, textile products, men's readywears, men's readytowears, men's textile products, garments, men's garments, women's readywears, women's readytowears, women's garments, kids' wears, kids' readywears, kids' readytowears, kids' garments, children wears, children readywears, children readytowears, children garments, coats, jackets, reefer jackets, donkey jackets, toppers, sweaters, trousers, shirts, men's coats, men's jackets, men's reefer jackets, men's donkey jackets
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- / 0-5
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Beylikdüzü / 0890070098
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
  • Importer
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Talatpaşa Mah. 1076 Sk. Zegnum D Blok No: 8E/123 Esenyurt - İstanbul, Turkey
Postal Code
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+90 212 504 24 90
Fax Number
+90 212 504 24 89
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