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construction chemicals, powder chemicals, liquid chemicals, powdered chemicals, liquid chemical, mortars, water insulation systems, insulating material, insulation systems, EPS blocks, building insulation materials, building insulation systems, exterior sheathing system, sheathing system, thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation mortars, adhesive mortars, joint filling mortars, repair and retrofit solutions, plaster and putties, ground application mortars, ground surface hardeners
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2004 / 0-5
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Tuzla / 3870532100
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TS 7847, TS EN 998-2, TS EN 13163, TSE K 112, TS EN 998-1, TS EN 12004, TS EN 13888, ISO 9001:2008, CE, GOST-R
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  • Manufacturer
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İstanbul Deri Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 3.Yol H-21 Tuzla - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 216 394 88 00
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+90 216 394 88 09
acrylic adhesive, acrylic exterior paint, acrylic resin based cure liquid, adhesive mortars, adhesive sheet, anchorage and fixing mortar, anchorage mortar, antibacterial silicone joint filling mortar, antifreeze mortar additive, basalt aggregated surface hardener, brick joint filling mortar grouting, building insulation materials, building insulation systems, chlorinated rubber marker paint, concrete lining, construction chemicals, corundum aggregated surface hardener, crystalized waterproofing mortar, cure liquids, decorative exterior cladding, decorative non-silicone coating, decorative silicone coating, epoxy coatings and paints, epoxy joint filling mortar, epoxy primers, EPS blocks, exterior applications, exterior paints, exterior sheathing system, fibrated sheet plaster mortar, flexible two component waterproofing material, fluid grout mortar, general purpose acrylic primer, glass joint filling mortar, ground application mortars, ground surface hardeners, gypsum products, hand plaster, insulating material, insulation systems, joint filling mortars, light screed, liquid chemical, liquid chemicals, liquid membrane, liquid primers, machine plaster, membranes, mortar additives, mortars, non-fibrated sheet plaster mortar, non-shrink grout mortar, normal screed, paraffin based cure liquid, perlite plaster, perlite thermal insulation plaster, plaster and putties, plasticizers mortar additive, plywood form oil, powder chemicals, powder primer, powdered chemicals, primers, PU liquid membrane, quartz aggregated surface hardener, quick setting repair mortar, quick setting thin repair mortar, rammed acrylic lining, repair and retrofit solutions, restoration plaster, retarder mortar additive, satin putty, self-sprawling fine levelling screed, sheathing system, sheet adhesive mortar for old and painted surfaces, sheet adhesive mortar for plastered surface, silica aggregated surface hardener, silicone exterior coating, silicone joint filling mortar, single component waterproofing mortar, solvent based cure liquid, steel form oil, steel form oils, super flexible two component waterproofing materials, thermal insulation materials, thermal insulation mortars, thick fibrated repair mortar, thick screed, thickener mortar additive, thin fibrated repair mortar, thin non-fibrated repair mortar, thin screed, water insulation systems, water repellent leveling screed, waterproof mortar additive, waterproof PU coating, waterproofing mortars, waterproofing systems, wet ground joint filling mortar, wooden form oil