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dairy products, yoghurt, cream, cheese, tomato paste, tomato pastes, pepper paste, buttermilk, low fat cow cheese, cow milk cheese, packaged buttermilk, tulum cheese, butter, whole fat cheese, hard cheese, basket type cheese, hard cheese basket type, mihalic cheese, village yoghurt, goat cheese, boiled hard goat cheese, cheddar, fresh cheddar, white cheese mix type, white cheese, sheep cheese, sheep cheese ezine type, cecil cheese, cow and goat cheese, sheep cheese in tin, whole fat white cheese
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1987 / 0-5
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Yenice / 6240412337
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Balıkesir Asfaltı Üzeri No: 5 Yenice - Çanakkale, Turkey
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+90 286 474 20 60
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+90 286 474 20 60
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