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Barış ARAT
General Manager
Countries Exported To
Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Syria, Bahrain, Dubai
PVC tank, polypropylene tank, special manufacturing tanks and equipment, mixer tanks, industrial tanks, storage tanks, scrubber, scrubbing systems, odor treatment process, pumps, fans, industrial pumps, chemical transfer pumps, PP radial fans, dipping bath, surface preparation bath, plating bath, heating and cooling coil, filter systems for recycling acid, industrial plumbing supplies, PVC pipes and fittings, polypropylene pipes and fittings, polypropylene ventilation pipe, chemical storage tank
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
- / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Alemdar / 58684095904
Banks Worked with
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 10002:2004, EN 12573-1, EN 12573-2, EN 12573-3, EN 12573-4, CE
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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İstasyon Mah. 243. Sok. No: 64/65 Kartepe - Kocaeli, Turkey
Postal Code
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+90 262 373 69 01
Fax Number
+90 262 373 69 02
acid and chemical baths, acid and chemical pools, acid recycling filter systems, chemical mixture preparation tanks, chemical resistant floor coverings, chemical storage tanks, chemical transfer pumps, complete installation of water treatment plant, complete treatment plant, deodorization and dust removing process, dipping and plating baths, dipping bath, dipping bath export, dipping bath exporter, dipping bath manufacturer, dipping bath manufacturing, dipping bath supplier, fans, filter equipments, filter systems for recycling acid, gas refinement equipments, gas refinement process, gas scrubber systems, gas scrubbing facilities, HCL storage tanks, HCN gas treatment, heating and cooling coil, heating and cooling pipelines, Industrial storage tanks, industrial automation, industrial plumbing supplies, industrial process designing, industrial process manufacturing, industrial pumps, industrial storage tank, industrial storage tank export, industrial storage tank exporter, industrial storage tank manufacturer, industrial storage tank manufacturing, industrial storage tank supplier, industrial tanks, mining equipments, mixer tanks, mixing tanks, odor treatment process equipments, paint removal bath tanks, pH level, temperature and control automation, pipe components, pipe equipments, pipe fittings, plastic machines, plating bath, plating bath export, plating bath exporter, plating bath manufacturer, plating bath manufacturing, plating bath supplier, plating bath tanks, polyethylene pipes and fittings, polypropylene pipes and fittings, polypropylene tank, polypropylene ventilation pipe, PP radial fans, PP snaillile fan, pumps, pvc pipes, pvc pipes and fittings, PVC tank, rinsing bath, rinsing bath export, rinsing bath exporter, rinsing bath manufacturer, rinsing bath manufacturing, rinsing bath supplier, scrubber, scrubbing systems, scrubbing systems export, scrubbing systems exporter, scrubbing systems manufacturer, scrubbing systems manufacturing, scrubbing systems supplier, special manufacturing tanks, special manufacturing tanks and equipment, storage tank spare parts, storage tanks, supply and drainage pipelines, surface preparation bath, surface preparation unit, tank equipments, transfering tanks, transport tanks, treatment plant equipments, treatment plant equipments export, treatment plant equipments exporter, treatment plant equipments manufacturer, treatment plant equipments manufacturing, treatment plant equipments supplier, ventilation pipe plants, washing and rinsing baths