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General Manager
Countries Exported To
Egypt , Jordan , Sri Lenka , Oman , Iraq , Iran , Saudi Arabia , Kosova
fertilizer, fertilizers and chemicals, solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers, ornamental plant fertilizers, fruit plant fertilizer, composed fertilizers, fruit plant chemicals, tree fertilizers, garden fertilizers, greenhouse fertilizers, vegetable fertilizers, upsoil plant fertilizers, subsoil plant fertilizers, liquid organic fertilizer, powder organic fertilizer, solid organic fertilizer, gel organic fertilizer, flower fertilizers
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
1998 / 11-25
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Tuna / 8850052654
Banks Worked with
IMMIB 9th company in export, TSE 17025 accreditation ,
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Muratpaşa Mah. Uluyol Cad. Büyük Coşkun Sk. Dericiler Sanayi Sitesi E Blok No: 9 - İstanbul, Turkey
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+90 212 613 70 63
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+90 212 613 70 65
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