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Peruze AYHAN
General Manager
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cereal, cereals, cornflakes, corn flakes, crunch, cereal for breakfast, cereals for breakfast, cornflakes for breakfast, corn flakes for breakfast, crunch for breakfast, crunches, crunches for breakfast, crunch with honey, honey crunch, crunch with banana, banana crunch, crunch with honey aroma, crunch with banana aroma, honey aroma crunch, banana aroma crunch, aroma crunch, crunch with aroma, honey and banana crunch, crunch with honey and banana aroma, chocolate crunch
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Establishment Date/Number of Staff
2011 / 0-5
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Etimesgut / 6170400520
Banks Worked with
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005
Business Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Bahçekapı Mah. 2465. Sok. No:3 Şaşmaz-Etimesgut - Ankara, Turkey
Postal Code
Phone Number
+90 312 278 39 52
Fax Number
+90 312 278 39 56
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