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General Manager
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USA, EU, Africa, Middle East
auto spare parts, engine parts, car engine parts, light commercial vehicle engine parts, heavy commercial vehicle engine parts, diesel engine parts, compressor parts, engine pistons, vehicle engine pistons, diesel engine pistons, compressor pistons, engine pins, car engine pins, compressor pins, pins and piston for engine, cylinder liners, piston rings, motor piston rings, piston pin, piston, piston pins, engine piston, auto engine liners, diesel engine liners, engine piston rings
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2012 / 26-50
Tax Administration/Tax Number
Selçuk / 0330424542
Banks Worked with
Kuveyt Turk
TSE, ISO 9001
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  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
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Büyük Kayacık Mh. 3. Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi. 18. Sk No: 1 Selçuklu - Konya, Turkey
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+90 332 239 15 00
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+90 332 239 02 22
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